'The Voice' Season 18: Nick Jonas scores his first contestant despite Blake Shelton's 'puppy' threats

Contestant #3 Tate Brusa stepped out with a guitar and some great notes and as soon as he hit the big note Nick Jonas knew he had found the one

                            'The Voice' Season 18: Nick Jonas scores his first contestant despite Blake Shelton's 'puppy' threats
Nick Jonas (Art Streiber/NBC)

Young singer Tate Brusa took the stage as the third contestant and we all waited with bated breath as none of the judges turned around....

Then, with only a few seconds to spare, Nick Jonas hit his button and Blake Shelton immediately followed, stating that he couldn't let Jonas have this one.

Shelton was all ready to block Jonas, quite like John Legend did in the previous round, but this time Legend says "go with Nick Jonas". To prove he is the best coach for Tate, Jonas gave him - and by extension all of us a quick lesson on vowel sounds: open up your vowels when you hit higher notes. As he strums and Tate hit the right notes, it's pretty clear they make a great match.

 Blake Shelton -- (Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC)

Not to be left behind, Shelton pulled out a puppy. No really, he pulls out a puppy and names it on the spot - 'Snowflake'. "What is wrong with you?" Jonas asked as Shelton threatened Tate with the puppy and an ultimatum - Team Shelton or the puppy gets it!

And Tate, naturally, made the choice anyone would choose in the situation. He chose Jonas.

"WOW, TATE!!! WOW. that was the last time I saw Snowflake… I remember it like it was yesterday… those puppy dog eyes welling with tears as she got carted away to the shelter…It’s a shame," tweeted Shelton right after the hostage situation went south.

Obviously, some were not too happy with the gimmick. One user tweeted, "@blakeshelton why would you bring a poor puppy into it?? Got to show strong and try and not blackmail the singers. Win them over by being the winner yourself!" Another added, " I love ya brother but saying you’d return the puppy to the shelter to get Tate was just WRONG..."

But in general, Jonas' fans congratulated him on his first!

One user had this hilarious message for both Nick and Tate: "@blakeshelton you dirty dog !!! @nickjonas Get that Tatertot make him into a FrenchFry !!!"

Others commented on the match, tweeting "@nickjonas you are going to be the best coach for that young man. Nice job!"

And many users praised Tate's talent, tweeting "@nickjonas you picked a winner"

We can't wait to see what other vocal tips the Jonas brother has to share with his contestants.

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