'The Voice' Season 18: Thunderstorm's acoustic whistling and Allegra's soulful vocals take fans' breath away

The show's at-home version saw the singers shed their stage fright and give some of their best performances yet

                            'The Voice' Season 18: Thunderstorm's acoustic whistling and Allegra's soulful vocals take fans' breath away
Allegra Miles and Thunderstorm Artis (NBC)

Team Nick's contestants kick off the Live Playoffs tonight with Thunderstorm singing a gorgeously smooth version of 'Summertime', followed by Allegra Miles' slow jazzy ballad version of 'New York State of Mind'.

Thunderstorm has been one of the favorites to win the competition since the beginning and his performance has proved why.

"Thunderstorm no lies is gonna be hard to beat #TeamNick #VoiceLives," tweeted one fan while another stated, "Thunderstorm Artis gives us an old standard, plays the guitar, and navigates his range like a pro. The whistling is a nice touch. He’s setting a great mood. #TheVoice #VoiceLives Such an excellent vocalist.:

The singer's acoustic whistling rendition was clearly a hit. "Something fun, something for the summertime, something for @Thunder_artis to sing to, because we love his performance and his whistling. #TheVoice #VoiceLives," tweeted a fan.

Another fan said, "Thunderstorm Artis you made me cry. #outstanding." "Thunderstorm almost waste my sweet tea your vibe, voice of Summertime and the whistling just whimsical #TheVoice," said a viewer. 

The coaches loved Thunderstorm's performance. John Legend called it magical and mesmerizing, comparing it to his performance of 'Blackbird' during the blind auditions. Nick said it was the perfect way to kick off the Live Playoffs, calling his whistling joyous.

Next up was Allegra, whose performance beautifully highlighted her soulful vocals and allowed her to really shine tonight. "Allegra's voice is insane #thevoice," tweeted one fan while another said, "Allegra’s voice.... she’s going to finals #VoiceLives."

Another fan shared, "Lets go @allegramiles!!! This has me so emotional!! Everyone please go vote for allegra!! She is a unique artist she sings with her heart & tells the story so pure with her voice."

Blake Shelton appeared visibly shocked as he stated the singing on the show has never been better, wondering if the show can ever return to its earlier format after these at-home rounds. Nick commends Allegra's growth, adding that the omission of challenging elements served her well.

Not all were fans of Allegra's performance, however. Some said the song choice was an issue. One viewer stated, "#VoiceTop17 Allegra has the best tone! But song choice. I don’t think her best performance but I still want to hear more I love her voice!" while another tweeted, "Allegra / Wrong song choice for her voice here - sounded wordy without meaning Someone sung this on American Idol yesterday & it was much better."

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