'The Voice' Season 18: Kevin Farris' folk style has coaches fighting over him but Nick Jonas wins with a duet

'The Voice' Season 18: Kevin Farris' folk style has coaches fighting over him but Nick Jonas wins with a duet
Kevin Farris (NBC)

Mr Kevin is "very good at music", says one of Kevin Farris' adorable students. Guess we have to take his word for it.

The singer-songwriter is a teacher who runs a music school for pre-schoolers and believes it is important for his students to make bold choices in their lives. He is here to lead by example. Taking a bold step for himself, Kevin made it to 'The Voice' to showcase his talent.

It's down to two coaches now — John Legend and Nick Jonas. They both have a slot left on their teams and both have a difficult choice to make.


Kevin sang a peppy rendition of 'Home' and demonstrated some strong and clear vocals. He throws in a growl or two for effect at just the right moments and when he hits his high notes he carries it for several seconds. Kevin clearly has some amazing vocal skills that are perfect for this show.

Expectedly, John hits his button and Nick follows. After Kevin wraps up his performance, the coaches ask him a little about his musical influences. He says he does mostly Americana and folk-pop and teaches the fundamentals of music theory to children.


John says he takes his kids to classes just like the one Kevin teaches and is amazed by the teachers, and adds that this teacher, in particular, poured all of the love he has for music into his performance. John says this was a powerful way to make himself known and he also promised that they would have a lot of fun working together.

So how does coach Nick try to win this contestant? He begins by saying it was a phenomenal performance as Kevin's voice has the power to tell a story within the first few lines. He asks Kevin where he would like to go as an artist and the singer responds that he would like to experiment, maybe even with pop and perhaps even some Jonas Brothers. He says 'Lovebug' is his jam. So naturally, Nick gets up and duets with him.


As Kelly Clarkson aptly puts it, "we're getting serenaded!"

Kevin Farris performs 'Lovebug' with Nick Jonas on 'The Voice' Season 18 (NBC)

Nick thinks he has done his work as he walks back to his seat confidently, but John says he isn't done. He would love to sing with Kevin too if the singer knows any of his songs, but unfortunately, we do not get a second duet to even the playing field. John then tells Kevin to be a bold revolutionary and go with the coach he didn't sing with. It would be "audacious", he says. Blake Shelton jokes that it would actually be rude instead.


Finally, it's time to pick and Kevin says he would love to go with John for a beer, but Nick is his coach.

'The Voice' airs Monday nights at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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