'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: Top 5 contestants team up with coaches for 'magical' duets

Fans were lapping up the duets as almost all the songs touched the right chords with some amazing vocals

                            'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: Top 5 contestants team up with coaches for 'magical' duets

Season 18 finale of 'The Voice' featured performances from each finalist and their coach. Blake Shelton kicked things off in a duet with Todd Tilghman, singing the rebel anthem 'Authority Song' by John Mellencamp. The two gave us an extremely fun and energetic performance, rocking out like there was no tomorrow. And considering this is the last night of the season, it was a perfectly apt way to kick things off.

"Such a banger of a duet from Blake and Todd!!! I truly enjoyed it!! #TheVoice," stated one fan, while another said, "What a great duet from Blake & Todd — that was magic." One more said, "@blakeshelton I think @todd_tilghman outsang you. He better win. He's gotta hella voice. #AuthoritySong #ToddBetterWin #TheVoice."

Nick Jonas and Thunderstorm Artis (NBC)

Nick Jonas and Thunderstorm Artis delivered a soft, melodic rendition of Phil Collins' 'You'll Be In My Heart', causing fans to feel nostalgic for those simpler Disney days. "I absolutely adore @nickjonas and watching him sing You’ll be in My Heart on #TheVoice made my heart melt," tweeted one fan, and another said, "This performance of you’ll be on my heart is so good!!!! #TheVoice." One fan stated, "@nickjonas singing 'You’ll be in my Heart' is really bringing me back to those Disney days #TheVoiceFinale #TheVoice."

John Legend and Camwess took on Elton John's iconic song, 'Rocket Man', giving us some stunning runs and hitting several high notes with ease. "CammWess should have done this song (Rocketman) instead of Prince. This is a fantastic performance. #TheVoice," tweeted one fan. Cam made a bold choice to perform 'Purple Rain' in last night's finale episode, and while he gave it his best effort, Prince is a tough act to live up to.

Many enjoyed John and Cam's duet, with one tweeting, "John and Camm’s duo is the best so far! #TheVoice," but a few others were not fans of the performance, with one stating, "John Legend is totally f***ing up Elton John’s 'Rocketman'. Barf!"

Toneisha Harris -- (Photo by Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

Blake returned for a duet with Toneisha Harris, singing the eternally hopeful 'Don't Stop' from Fleetwood Mac. The performance showcased both singers' versatility and ability to work in any genre they're placed in. "Phenomenal performance of 'Don’t Stop' together Voices synchronized nicely #TheVoice," tweeted one fan. Another stated, "Toneisha Harris & Blake Shelton duet pulls them both out of their genres and it works. This again shows that she’s an excellent vocalist. #TheVoice," while one fan said, "@blakesheltonis such a great vocalist that he can sing in any genre & with any artist! Love this duet with Toneisha."

Kelly Clarkson and Micah Iverson close out the contestant-coach team-ups with their take on Lady Antebellum's 'Run To You'. The country-pop song blended both of their voices and styles perfectly, but it was the song's lyrics that really hit home during these unpredictable times. "@micahciverson is definitely my FAVORITE @NBCTheVoice contestant EVER!! #TeamKelly," tweeted one fan. "The best duo, you can’t tell me otherwise @kellyclarkson x @micahciverson #TeamKelly #IRunToYou #TheVoiceFinale #TheVoice," stated another, and one fan shared, "@kellyclarkson @micahciverson singing @ladyantebellum I Run To You on #TheVoice #VoiceFinale is so touching and amazing."

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