'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: Thunderstorm Artis sings 'Wonderful World', fans say they've got their winner

Taking on Louis Armstrong's 'Wonderful World', the contestant seems to have won over the viewers with a performance dedicated to the human spirit

                            'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: Thunderstorm Artis sings 'Wonderful World', fans say they've got their winner
Thunderstorm Artis (NBC)

Thunderstorm Artis followed his ode to Hawaii's beauty by singing Louis Armstrong's 'Wonderful World' in celebration of the beauty within us all.

As fans geared up to hear the contestant serenade them tonight, his coach Nick Jonas pointed out that in a world of singers with big, powerful voices, Thunderstorm's voice is soft and melodic and still manages to capture and convey the emotion in a song. This is a talent, he called "refreshing."

As Thunderstorm closed out the night with his performance, fans couldn't help but be moved by his voice as well as his message. One fan tweeted, "Thunderstorm just now started singing and i’m already in a puddle #TheVoice," another stated, "It's nice easy listening music and he's good at what he does," and one fan shared, "Thunderstorm’s voice & this song fit sooo well together #TheVoice."

One fan said, "This is one of the best songs ever by thunderstorm #TheVoice," another stated, "Yes Thunderstorm yes *tears* #TheVoice," and one fan shared, "Thunderstorm is and has always been my fave! #WhatAWonderfulWorld #TheVoice."

Many commended the contestant's vocal ability, stating, "It's so hard to sing with that kind of control acoustically. Thunderstorm is so different. Hauntingly beautiful voice," adding, "I want to go to his concert today! #TheVoice oh my God!"

"Thunderstorm Artis singing “What A Wonderful World” is a great close to Part 1 of this finale. Amazing! #TheVoice," tweeted one fan, another stated, "Lovely, lovely performance from Thunderstorm to round out the night," and one fan shared, "Thunderstorm Artis closes #TheVoice #VoiceFinale with a classic. What a class act!! Great way to end a wonderful night of music and performance. Thank you @NBCTheVoice for bringing these ppl into my #quarantine life. I feel like I’m not alone."

Nick shared how grateful he was to Thunderstorm for singing that song and for reminding us all that despite what we're all going through that there is still hope in this world. After this enchanting performance, fans are already predicting that Thunderstorm will be the winner this season.

"Okay, I’ve finally decided. Thunderstorm, you are the winner of this competition," stated one fan, 

One fan stated, "Thunderstorm is singing “What a Wonderful World.” I’m done. Take my money and my votes. Thunderstorm wins. #TheVoice," another shared, "I think Thunderstorm just won #TheVoice with that version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” yet another awesome song! #TheVoiceFinale." 

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