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'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: 'How did Micah make it to finals?' ask viewers after he takes on 'Chasing Cars'

The singer's take on the song left many viewers underwhelmed, meaning he might be in trouble at tomorrow's results night
Micah Iverson (NBC)
Micah Iverson (NBC)

After debuting his original song 'Butterflies', Micah Iverson takes on Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars', a song that has never been cleared for use on 'The Voice' till tonight. As coach Kelly Clarkson worked with Micah, fixing parts of the song so it carries more of a punch, one of the young contestant's neighbors dropped by to compliment his singing, causing Kelly to erupt into laughter. "Micah is singing chasing cars and I’m about to start crying cause greys anatomy season 11 finale," tweeted one fan, while another stated, "Micah's rendition is very good #TheVoice."

Following his performance, the coaches weighed in. Nick Jonas's mic betrayed him, unfortunately, so we didn't get to hear his thoughts. Kelly stated that Micah has the ability to make songs seem effortless despite them not being easy to sing, adding she felt blessed to be his coach this season. Unfortunately for Micah, not everyone was on board with his performance tonight, and he got some mixed reactions.

While some fans tweeted, "Micah just made me cry. are we shocked? no. #TheVoice," others stated, "Congratulations Micah! For the first time ever, you allowed me to hear this song and not cry! Unfortunately, it's cause I was cringing. #TheVoice." "Better than the original they gave him but not good enough for Micah to win or even top 3. His best performance but his vocals are clearly the weakest left #TheVoice," stated one viewer, while another shared, "Was missing something for me — maybe it was just a bit more reverb."

One fan wondered, "Can I ask a serious question? How did Micah make the finals? He’s not on the level of the others and there were many better than him. Makes no sense. #TheVoice." In addition to his performance, some viewers were amused with the setup the contestant had for his at-home performance. "Micah Iverson assembled his own audience to get that onstage vibe. There’s nothing like that energy coming at you from an audience," tweeted one viewer, adding, "He sounds really good tho the melody is a little staccato. Yes, we know those extended notes. That’s better," while another joked, "It's cool that Micah has a cult #TheVoice."

And many were shocked to learn that the young contestant is, in fact, 26-years-old. "Wait, Micah is 26? He looks so young! #TheVoice," tweeted one viewer, while another said, "Bruh I thought Micah was like 17......hes 26???? #TheVoice," adding, "Now I feel less bad about saying he's not very good and does not deserve to be in the finals #TheVoice."