'The Voice' Season 18: Doja Cat gets fans dancing with retro 'Say So', but viewers ask 'what is a 'Doja Cat'?

The singer's song is topping charts but not all are happy, as some think Megan Thee Stallion earned the #1 spot

                            'The Voice' Season 18: Doja Cat gets fans dancing with retro 'Say So', but viewers ask 'what is a 'Doja Cat'?
Doja Cat (NBC)

Doja Cat dropped by Fan Week of 'The Voice' to perform her number 1 hit 'Say So'.

Clad in glittery pink, the singer danced to her chart-topping song, the remix of which features rapper Nick Minaj, with a bubble machine adding some flair to the performance.

“And we got doja cat up next singing her NUMBER ONE HIT — say so.” YALL HEARD THAT? NUMBER ONE HIT!!!!," tweeted one excited fan, while another said, "PLS YOU LOOK SO GOOD @DojaCat #TheVoice."

"Doja cat, my queen #TheVoice," stated one fan and another shared, "Doja Cat did THAT!!!! what a MOOD."

"Doja Cat is killing the game rn. This song is a vibe, fa real. Reminds me of some of the roller skate jams back in the day. Call her Bubbles tonight #TheVoice #VoiceTop9," tweeted one fan and another said, "@kanebrown & @DojaCat Performances Are On Fire Tonight On #TheVoice."

Not all were fans, however.

"What the crap is a doja cat #TheVoice," asked one viewer while another mused, "Watching the voice with my mom and doja cat started performing...my mom: 'who is this and how did she become famous? doja cat..really??'" One viewer wondered, "What’s her name Dojacat? Sounds like they killed the cat!" adding, "Could have done without that complete lip syncing segment! #notalent #isaidso."

"I don't know who or what a Doja Cat is, but she brought a beat and is dancing so she wins," stated another, adding, "Plus, she brought a bubble machine! #TheVoice #VoiceSemiFinals." Another viewer said, "Doja cat just preformed on the voice and it sounded like that video of her preforming without auto tune... it was painful."

Other fans re-ignited the debate between two chart-topping artists, tweeting, "Megan thee stallion >> doja cat." Some were fans of the song but not its singer, stating, "I heard part of a Doja Cat song, and i could actually listen to it without cringing. Too bad she's homophobic."

Meanwhile, NBC is getting in on the TikTok game, tweeting, "Calling all #TheVoice TikTokers! Post a TikTok doing the #SaySo dance in front of your TV while @DojaCat performs using #DojaCatOnTheVoice and you might end up on @NBCTheVoice’s @TikTok_us page!"

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