'The Voice' Season 18 Episode 2 Blind Auditions: Chelle, 18, blows coaches away, chooses Kelly Clarkson

The young singer covered Billie Eilish's 'I Don't Wanna Be You Anymore'

                            'The Voice' Season 18 Episode 2 Blind Auditions: Chelle, 18, blows coaches away, chooses Kelly Clarkson
Chelle (Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

When Chelle walked out to sing her version of Billie Eilish's 'I Don't Wann Be You Anymore', nobody could have expected the soulful voice and stunning runs that came out of this 18-year-old singer!

Chelle is a young introvert who attends rock shows. Not rock music, actual rocks! She loves collecting them, and her favorites are geodes, which seem ugly on the outside, but when cracked open reveal beautiful crystals hidden inside. Chelle says they're her favorite because she likes finding the beauty in things.

Yes, she's impossible to dislike! And viewers can't help but agree. Several users were happy to have found a fellow rock collector in Chelle. "SHE IS SO CUTE OMG SHE COLLECTS ROCKS #TheVoice," tweets one user.

With the exception of John Legend, all the coaches turned around for Chelle, and Legend regretted his decision as soon as the timer ran out. Between Kelly Clarkson, who has built her career on top of winning American Idol, Nick Jonas, a young singer who started out on Broadway, and six-time 'The Voice'-winning coach Blake Shelton, who would Chelle pick?

Kelly Clarkson (Art Streiber/NBC)

Well, after Shelton asks for Chelle's email address and gets called a creepy uncle by Clarkson (he wasn't trying to be creepy, he just wanted to make sure this contestant was not a Jonas fan like the last!), and despite Jonas' passionate speech that motivated everyone everywhere, Chelle eventually chose Clarkson.

"You were so close @nickjonas! All thanks to the creepy uncle #TheVoice #VoicePremiere," tweets one user, implying Shelton's creeping cost Jonas a coveted team member.

Besides being accidentally creepy, Shelton also claimed to have read Jonas' Wikipedia and claimed he would not be the right coach for Chelle, unfortunately, he missed the part where Jonas started out on Broadway at nine years of age and was dropped at 12, and as Kelly appropriately puts it, that is so sad! Nonetheless, Jonas persevered and became one of the top-selling artists of modern pop.

So when he gives a motivational speech and brings up being a young artist in this industry, he really knows what he's talking about.

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