'The Voice' Season 18: Soul Train-inspired Chan Fuze fails to make chairs turn with his groovy performance

'The Voice' Season 18: Soul Train-inspired Chan Fuze fails to make chairs turn with his groovy performance
Chan Fuze (NBC)

When we meet 6-foot-10-inch Chan Fuze, dressed in shiny pink and sporting a groovy afro, it seems like he is a man straight out of the era of early disco.

The 23-year-old singer from Chicago says he has music in his heart and is influenced by blues and indie rock music too. He shows us some of his dance skills as well, adding that "sometimes it looks awkward, but if you can control it it looks groovy".

As he takes a moment to lay down on the couch before taking the stage, he muses about how he fits on it  clearly a rarity for him. He then goes on to say that he's taking the couch.

Once on stage, he gets right into it with King Floyd's 'Groove Me' and is clearly in his element. He brings the song to life and totally embodies the vibe. This is clearly the person who is the life of any party.

Kelly Clarkson can't help but groove to his song, saying, "He's having... such a good time."

From the side of the stage, Chan's family screams out for John Legend to press his button. But unfortunately, no chair turns for Chan tonight as his performance comes to an end.

Blake Shelton asks Chan if he was really getting into the groove, joking that he was probably thrusting his hips. He was. Blake says that this might have been why Chan did not get a chair turn tonight. He put too much emphasis on his performance and not nearly enough on his vocals. John adds that Chan's falsettos were significantly affected by this as well.

Nick Jonas says he is shocked that he agrees with Blake and adds that he had issues with falsettos at the start of his career too. Nick was told that he should give it up but despite the harsh criticism, he took it in his stride and advised Chan to take lessons and get better.

Kelly says Chan is "that guy people would love to watch", but adds that sadly, he is not right for this setting at present. She adds, "Who doesn't wanna party with (Chan), he looks like so much fun, but I wasn't inspired enough to press my button." Hopefully, he will be back next year.

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