'The Voice' Season 18: Four-chair turner Joanna Serenko picks Nick Jonas and fans are sure she'll be a winner

'The Voice' Season 18: Four-chair turner Joanna Serenko picks Nick Jonas and fans are sure she'll be a winner
Joanna Serenko (Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

'The Voice' Season 18 premiered on Monday night and it looks like Nick Jonas already has a winner on his team, after four-chair turn receiving contestant Joanna Serenko chose him as her coach.

Season 18 of 'The Voice' kicked off its blind auditions on a high note with a slew of four-chair winning contestants, but the standout among them all was the last singer of the night, 18-year-old Joanna who plays at music pubs just like John Legend used to. 

Returning to their seats were veteran coaches John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton along with new coach Nick Jonas who replaced Gwen Stefani.

This might be Nick's first season as a coach on 'The Voice', but he sure knows how to land the best singers. And now with Joanna on his team, fans are certain he might just have a winner on his team. 

Joanna, who is inspired by older music, performed her rendition of 'All My Loving'. It was a soulful and jazzy version that gets the attention of all four coaches who turned their chairs for her. It was an epic battle between the coaches as they tried to woo her into joining their team. 


"I don't know in what season we've heard such effortless, powerful vocals. I'm going, 'There's no way this girl's gonna choose me as her coach,' but at the same time I gotta hit my button when somebody is that great," Blake shared.

While Nick, Blake and Kelly assumed that Joanna would go with John as her coach, she chose Nick as her coach after his speech. 

After Nick sealed the deal with Joanna on his team, fans on Twitter are saying that she might win the title this season.

"Joanna is the front runner to win the whole show thus far @nickjonas #VoicePremiere," a fan wrote. "@nickjonas #VoicePremiere I see a winner in Joanna - congratulations on Team Nick!" another fan shared.

Another said, "The trophy is definitely going home with you @nickjonas."

"@nickjonas #VoicePremiere congratulation Nick on getting joanna and she got a different sound for today's music on the radio," a fan wrote while another shared, "You’re totally winning with Joanna!! I would buy her record today. Yes, I said record I’m old. Good luck Brother!" 


"@nickjonas #VoicePremiere Good for you, Nick! You fought for Joanna and she chose you! Joanna is a winner!" a fan shared. Another added, "@nickjonas
#VoicePremiere I love you on The Voice. I love you anyway but I especially love you on The Voice! Joanna is going to be the winner of The Voice." 

Do you think Joanna made the right choice by choosing Nick as her coach? Let us know in the comments below.

'The Voice' Season 18 airs every Monday and Tuesday only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.


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