'The Voice' Season 18: Military man Samuel Wilco loses battle to Arei Moon's sultry voice

Some fans were also annoyed with Nick Jonas, calling him an 'attention seeker'

                            'The Voice' Season 18: Military man Samuel Wilco loses battle to Arei Moon's sultry voice
Arei Moon and Samuel Wilco (NBC)

The Voice kicked off the final episode of the battle rounds with Nick Jonas' team members Samuel Wilco and Arei Moon. After a quick moment to celebrate Samuel's 40th birthday with some cake and the Jonas Brothers singing him 'Happy Birthday', the two begin practicing their R&B rendition of John Waite's 'Missing You'.

Nick's advice for the two centered around the right technique for singing higher notes and falsettos, and not all fans were amused. One said, "NICK BREAKING OUT IN FALSETTO EVERY CHANCE HE CAN GET LMAO I HATE HIS ATTENTION SEAKING A**"

Nick also predicted what each of the other coaches would say based on the session, stating John Legend would have issues with the melody, Kelly Clarkson would say they lost her at the unplanned runs and Blake Shelton would simply find it "great". So, the two would have to work on knowing what they want to do a little better with their vocal choices during the battle.

And with that, it was time for their battle. Initially, it didn't seem like fans were too keen on either Samuel or Arei. "Not feeling either but I'd take Ariel #TeamNick," tweeted one viewer.

Some did love the song choice, however, tweeting "@nickjonas #VoiceBattles great song choice for this pairing"

But as the battle went on, there seemed to be a clear winner with fans even though the coaches thought it was an evenly matched battle. "Arei has this one pick her," tweeted one fan, while another said, "Arei was my choice. She was pitch perfect all the way thru and there was a little sultry sound to her voice. I thought Samuel was a little pitchy. He missed several notes." Another said, " sorry Samuel... you have talent but it was not your night and Arei is really good. Good luck to you and thank you for your service."

Eventually, Nick picked Arei, appreciating her stage presence and growth. He tweeted out stating, "These are never easy choices to make... @areimoon @samuel_wilco you two absolutely crushed it. Great job!"

Naturally, some were sad to see Samuel go. "bummer.. was rooting for you! Hoorah! Keep at it," tweeted one fan.

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