'The Voice' Season 17 Top 11 results: Shane Q enters Top 10 with the Instant Save and fans claim Myracle Holloway deserved it

'The Voice' Season 17 Top 11 results: Shane Q enters Top 10 with the Instant Save and fans claim Myracle Holloway deserved it

'The Voice' season 17 revealed its Top 10 contestants on Tuesday night after tallying America's votes. Shane Q was the Instant Save contestant of the night, and fans are not happy with the results claiming he didn't deserve the spot. 

After America voted, Carson Daly revealed that Ricky Duran, Katie Kadan, Hello Sunday, Rose Short, Jake Hoot, Marybeth Byrd, Kat Hammock, Joana Martinez and Will Breman advanced to the Top 10 directly. 

The contestants in the bottom two were Shane Q from Team Kelly and Myracle Holloway from Team Gwen. Fans were shocked to see both the contestants at the bottom battling it out for the Instant Save vote. Performing for the Instant Save vote, Shane took to 'The Voice' stage and performed his rendition of Nick Jonas' 'Jealous' and Myracle performed her version of Billy Preston's 'You Are So Beautiful'. 

Post Shane's performance Kelly called him a gifted singer, while Blake Shelton shared that he is  "one of the best singers" to ever appear on the series. After Myracle performed, Gwen called her one of the calmest and creative singers this season. She also added that Myracle deserves to be in the competition. 


Shane Q makes it to the Top 10 with the Instant Save vote and fans are shocked. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

After the Instant Save votes were tallied, Carson revealed that America saved Shane which meant that Myracle was the contestant going home and fans were left stunned. Post the episode, fans took to Twitter to reveal they think Shane didn't deserve the spot but Myrcale did and claim her Instant Save performance was better than his. 

Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, "Disappointed. I felt that Myracle deserves it more!! I’m not saying Shane isn’t talented though. For me, Myracle did better in all of her performances and had such an amazing connection with audiences." 

"Tough decision, but something was up with the #VoiceSave tonight. I voted for Myracle & it locked it in for Shane. I like Shane overall a bit more, but I think Myracle was better tonight. It's also the first time I've seen the percentages never change #TheVoice #VoiceInstantSave," wrote a fan. 


"WHAT THE F*CK?!! I'm not saying that Shane can't sing but he definitely should've went home tonight. Anyone who isn't tone deaf should've notice that. #TheVoice #VoiceResults," shared a fan. 

"I’maure Shane is a good dude, but Myracle is just light years past him talent wise #mistake #fail #TheVoice," added a fan. While another wrote, "merica. You made the wrong choice. @MyracleHolloway should have been saved. Shane is good but Myracle is wayyyyy better #TheVoice." 

Do you agree with what the fans have to say? Let us know in the comments below. 

'The Voice' season 17 airs every Monday and Tuesday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 


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