'The Voice' Season 17: With confidence blowing off the roof, Team Kelly spills their hot secret to week's spectacular performance

'The Voice' Season 17: With confidence blowing off the roof, Team Kelly spills their hot secret to week's spectacular performance

Season 17 of 'The Voice' is gaining a lot of traction this year with its amazing contestants going head-on for the ultimate showdown. Currently, the show has picked its top 13 contestants of this season and Team Kelly has four, technically five contestants at this point, thanks to Hello Sunday. 

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) had a tête-à-tête with Team Kelly on the sets of 'The Voice' season 17.  The team feels massive when they're around each other. The team said Kelly is an absolutely amazing Mentor and she knows what she is talking about.



One curious observation about the team's latest performance was a massive jump in their confidence. On asking the team about how Coach Kelly has mentored them throughout the show, Hello Sunday said, "She helped us develop confidence by caring about how we feel about the performance. She focuses on how we feel at the moment, where our heads are at. And only then she focuses on the vocals." That's the team's secret to an impactful and confident front on the stage. 

Shane Q transformed into a whole new person during his latest performance. He said, "Well, confidence also has to do with the song choice. The more comfortable you are with a song, I think the more comfortable you will be on the stage." With confidence blowing off the roof, Shane succeeded in delivering a soulful performance. 

It was all about 'Dedication' this week, and we asked Max Boyle and Jake Hoot about why they chose the song for this week's performance. Max Boyle said it is his family's favorite song and he sings it often at his gig. "It is also one of my favorite songs to sing as well. So I thought it was a good choice and I thought of dedicating it to my family, especially my niece, and nephew. It is our favorite song" Max added. 

Jake Hoot shares his sweet reason for choosing this song. He says, "I have been singing this song for all my shows and I have been singing this for a long time. It was one of Macy's favorites. I used to sing it to her at night when she's taking a bath or getting ready for bed. So when they gave me an option to dedicate a song to her, it was the perfect choice."


'The Voice' features a Hello Sunday, as a duo instead of solo which made it to the headlines. Although they are children, people really can't be that mad them. But there's two of them which makes their performance double powerful. While talking to Hello Sunday, we asked them how they're dealing with the audience reacting to their performances as there are two of them and they said, "Actually that thought never crossed our mind. We feel like we're going live and it is interesting because being a solo artist, you don't have to worry about others but in duo, you have to ensure that you're in sync with the other person!" 

'The Voice' airs on Monday and Tuesday on NBC at 8 pm. 


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