The Voice Season 17: TeamKelly's Hello Sunday and Jake Hoot have their coach's full backing in navigating the music world

In an interview with MEAWW, the members of the team said that Kelly has told them that no matter what happens on the show she will have their back

                            The Voice Season 17: TeamKelly's Hello Sunday and Jake Hoot have their coach's full backing in navigating the music world

Its almost curtains for NBC's popular show 'The Voice' Season 17 as it is heading for its season finale next week. #TeamKelly was running with two contestants on the team with Hello Sunday -- Myla Finks and Chelsea -- and Jake Hoot. However, as of now, only Jake Hoot has remained the sole flag-bearer from the team. 

In an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) the girls from Hello Sunday were asked about their major learnings from their last week's performance after delivering a stunning performance this week, to which Myla replied, "Honestly what we took from last week's performance was that when we looked back at it, we're like okay I'm glad so that we gave it our all. We really put in emotion right there but that song was so dark we kind of felt like it was an amazing pick for that week but we just felt like it was dark when we started moving on. So this week, we kind of want to completely flip it and just go from a somber to like a BAM! energy, fun, like just straight kids. So, that's what we took from that week's performance and changed so it wouldn't be the same in this week's performance."



No wonder they're always in sync! 

When it comes to delivering performance nobody does it like the way Jake does and this week he sang 'Desperado' which was dedicated to his mother. We asked him if he evolved as an artist throughout this season, to which he replied, "Absolutely, I think we all have, I mean it's just whether we've kind of changed our craft a little bit or we just took our craft and kind of polished it up a lot. We've had so much great help from our coach and you know vocal coaches and stuff like that and so, it's been great you know getting to close out the show which was a special moment and that's one of my all-time favorite songs so I was very happy to get to do it. "

After having helped country music artist Kaleb Lee establish his music career, we were curious to find out if Kelly had said anything about helping her team with their careers.

Hello Sunday told us that she has said that multiple times and "[...] she was like hey, whatever happens, happens. I'm going to be there every step of the way. She was like if this doesn't work out like you wanted it to be, I will help you." 

Myla from Hello Sunday also added, "Kelly said that not just with her team but with everybody that's on this season." 

According to Jake, "Kelly is genuine and it's already been proven when she brought Melinda back to be on her talk show and she tells us all the time you know that she's in it to help us out and stuff like that after the show's said and done. So, I believe her and I'm looking forward to getting to work with her after all is said and done." 

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