'The Voice' Season 17: Rose Short's sensational performance knocks out Destiny Rayne as fans begin rooting for her win

'The Voice' Season 17: Rose Short's sensational performance knocks out Destiny Rayne as fans begin rooting for her win

Could Rose Short win this season of 'The Voice'? Fans sure think so after her knockout performance when the series returned for night 3 of the Knockouts on Monday night. 

Hailing from team Gwen, Rose Short, and Destiny Rayne, battled it out on Monday night's Knockouts, and they surely did knock our socks off with their thrilling performance. Even before they could perform, Stefani told Taylor Swift, that they are the powerhouses in her team, and she can't wait to see who steps in front of the line and becomes the winner, because she is looking for just one contestant in that lane. 

Destiny was stolen by Gwen during the Battle Rounds after she lost to Katie Kadan from Team Legend. And Rose has been in Gwen's team since the beginning and she is definitely someone to watch out for this season. 



Battling it out, Rose performed her version of Jessie J's 'Big White Room' and Destiny performed her rendition of 'Tell Me You Love Me' by Demi Lovato. Rose hit every note perfectly during her performance, but the only drawback was that she had her eyes closed for most of the performance, even though Gwen and Taylor told her not to. But she did nail her performance blowing the roof off. 

Though 'Tell Me You Love Me' is a light power song, Destiny put her all into it, but sadly it wasn't enough to win against Rose, and without a doubt, though it was a tough decision, Gwen chose Rose as the winner sending her to the Live Playoffs, and Destiny was eliminated. 

Taking to Twitter post their performance, fans couldn't help but rave about Rose and her performance claiming Gwen made the right choice, as she has what it takes to give her a win this season. 

"Team ROSE!!!!! I think she can win this competition!!!! AMAZING!!!!! #TheVoice," wrote a fan on Twitter. Adding to that another said, "If Rose doesn’t win we riot. Damn! #TheVoice." 



"I don’t regularly watch #TheVoice but I just watched this woman Rose sing Big White Room and I cried," shared a fan. While another said, "U & Rose are WINNING...literally and figuratively #teamGwen." 

"rose could be the winner of this whole thing yass queen," wrote a fan. Adding to that another said, "Ahhhh. She was just sensational! I was crying.. And Im a toughy.. I don't cry easily. She just totally blew me away!" 

Do you think Rose has what it takes to win this season? Let us know in the comments below. 

'The Voice' season 17 airs every Monday and Tuesday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 


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