'The Voice' Season 17 finalist Katie Kadan dreams of collaborating with Carole King, says competition gave her honesty and confidence

'The Voice' Season 17 finalist Katie Kadan dreams of collaborating with Carole King, says competition gave her honesty and confidence
Katie Kadan of 'The Voice' Season 17. (Source: Screengrab/YouTube)

‘The Voice’ Season 17 will soon see a winner. One lucky artist from Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson or John Legend's team will find glory. At the show’s sets, speaking to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) Katie Kadan, one of the finalists and part of “Team Legend”, shared what she learned about loving herself while being on the show, her self-confidence rituals, her dream collaboration with Carole King, and possibly wanting to write a book someday.

Talking about something she loved about herself that she had discovered during the competition, Kadan said, “Being honest with myself. I think it is a big part of it. Realizing that I didn’t get to -- I still have to have a daily ritual of reminding myself that I can do things. To build myself up in confidence.”



She further said, “You know, it’s not something that, ‘Oh, once you hit it, you got it and everything’s perfect.’ You know, from this competition, I get reminders like, ‘Oh, I’m feeling great, I’m feeling good -- oh wait.’ And I think that’s what’s something that I really learned.”

Talking about her self-confidence rituals, Kadan said, “Every day, in every way, I grow more beautiful,” and then laughed it off, saying, “No, my mom taught me that one. But it’s pretty good right?”

She listed routines like meditation and writing positive things down: “I sometimes make a list when I am feeling down. Make a list of all the things that I really like about myself. And then, if there’s anything negative, I check myself like, ‘Why am I being negative about that?’ Why am I not allowing myself some more grace?’”

She spoke about her triggers: “It could be something that somebody says, maybe not intentionally. But it can trigger a memory from the past… We have triggers, all of us do. And they trigger those memories of past hurts. And sometimes I have to go back, like okay why am I feeling this way?”


She said the thing that helped her most in situations like this was journaling: “Journaling is so healing you know. It’s just getting it out on paper because sometimes when you are just holding on to it, it just piles and piles and piles on. And the more you journal, the more freedom you can have. Because it’s coming out.”

Kadan also spoke about her dream collaboration: American singer-songwriter Carole King. She said, “I would love to sit with her on a piano and be like, ‘Help me write songs! And tell me your journey’ -- actually I already know her journey because I have read her book five times. Just love her.”

She also said that one of her dreams is to write a book. “I think I’ll have to live a little more life before I write a book. But who knows -- who knows what’s next?”

In the previous episode of ‘The Voice’, Kadan, in a powerhouse performance, dazzled the judges with her original song, ‘All Better’. Immediately after her performance, Kelly Clarkson shared that this song was directly going to her “sexy playlist”. John Legend shared that it was the “perfect marriage” for Katie's style along with modern production.


'The Voice' Season 17 airs every Monday and Tuesday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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