'The Voice' Season 17 battle rounds: Fans say John Legend got lucky after he chose Khalea Lynee as winner and saved Zoe Upkins

The highlight of the latest Battle Round was when Zoe Upkins and Khalea from Team Legend took the stage.

                            'The Voice' Season 17 battle rounds: Fans say John Legend got lucky after he chose Khalea Lynee as winner and saved Zoe Upkins

John Legend regretted pairing two of his best artistes - Zoe Upkins and Khalea - for the first battle from his team. 'The Voice' season 17 returned to our screens on Monday for a brand new episode. We witnessed three battle rounds and they were nothing less than powerful. 

The highlight of Monday night's Battle Rounds was the battle between Zoe Upkins and Khalea from Team Legend. Battling it out to 'The Boy Is Mine', both Zoe and Khalea took to the stage with sass and aced their performance. Though Khalea might have had a few issues during rehearsals, she put her best foot forward, but Zoe, on the other hand, shocked everyone when she owned the song like it was hers. 

John Legend lucked out when Zoe chose him as his coach again. Pictured: (l-r) Zoe Upkins, Khalea Lynee - (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Post the performance, Kelly Clarkson raved about the battle and claimed that if it were up to her she would pick Zoe, but she would end up stealing whoever loses the battle. The decision was up to John and he chose Khalea as a winner which surprised many. 

He revealed that he regrets pairing his best singers to battle against each other, and in the blink of an eye, he saved Zoe from being eliminated.  Gwen Stefani and Kelly also pushed their button to steal Zoe. 

But in the end, the decision was left up to Zoe, and she chose to stick with John as her coach. Taking to Twitter post the episode, fans stated that John got lucky with Zoe choosing him as her coach yet again, even though he clearly should have given her the win right from the start. 

"WOW! I can't believe you picked her over Zoe I think you blew it. But you lucked out. @johnlegend #TheVoice," a fan wrote on Twitter. Adding to that he said, "Mannnnnn!!!! I am SO GLAD that you realized the mistake you made and even more thankful that Zoe decided to stay with you. @johnlegend

"@johnlegend #TheVoice you redeemed yourself when you gave Zoe the save. I was going to stop listening to your music if you didn’t save that baby," a fan wrote. While another added, "@johnlegend #TheVoice your lucky Zoe picked you again. Don’t lose her." 

"John I think you are so lucky to be able to Zoe on your [email protected] #TheVoice," shared a fan. While another wrote, "@johnlegend #TheVoice Hey John. Zoe May just very well be the Artist that takes you to a repeat Winner of the Voice." 

'The Voice' season 17 airs every Monday and Tuesday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 



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