'The Voice' season 16: Shawn Sounds eliminated week before finale, disappointed fans blame voting system

'The Voice' season 16: Shawn Sounds eliminated week before finale, disappointed fans blame voting system

The number of contestants on 'The Voice' season 16 has come down to four finalists after the results were announced on Tuesday night. 

Following Monday night's performance of solos and duets from The Beatles, the Top 8 contestants were whittled down to the Top 4 contestants.

Three contestants with the highest votes automatically advanced to the finale, while the fourth contestant was chosen via the Instant Save option. 

At the start, Blake Shelton's team had five contestants in his team, John Legend had two and Kelly Clarkson had one. Adam Levine had no one in his team, as all his contestants had been eliminated.

After the results were revealed, we got to know that Maelyn Jarmon from Team Legend,  Dexter Roberts and Gyth Rigdon from Team Blake were the three contestants to advance directly to the finale based out of Monday's voting. 

The Voice -- "Live Top 8 Results" Episode 1615B -- Pictured: (l-r) Andrew Sevener, Gyth Rigdon, Maelyn Jarmon, Dexter Roberts -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The fourth contestant to advance to the finale via the Instant Save was Andrew Sevener.

The final team standings were Jarmon from Team Legend, Roberts, Rigdon and Sevener from Team Blake.

Currently, Jarmon is the contestant to beat because she was the most streamed artists on the i-Tunes chart. Though fans are glad that Jarmon made it to the finale, they are disappointed that Shawn Sounds from Team Legend didn't make it to the finals. 

Taking to Twitter a fan said, "WTF #ShawnSounds was eliminated from #TheVoice. People who are voting don’t understand music. I could only vote 10 times. If I could’ve, I would’ve voted 1,000 plus more times !!!."

Another fan said, "Enough of Blake and his mediocre country singers! @NBCTheVoice Shawn should've won that last spot!! #ShawnSounds." While another fan said, "I never watch @NBCTheVoice. I watched only bc of @iamshawnsounds. America, you totally got it wrong #shawnsounds." 

Apart from facing backlash from disappointed fans because Sounds didn't make the cut, 'The Voice' is also facing backlash because it has more country singers in the finale and over its voting system.


"Not watching #thevoice until they do something about the voting. The only reason all the country boys win is because the south votes and the west doesn't. #ShawnSounds was by far the best singer this season," said a fan.

Another fan wrote, "Well, another win for #voicesowhite. Sigh. @NBCTheVoice, how about you do a spin-off show that @blakeshelton leads so all the white country fans (who mostly live in the time zones that can do instant saves) can vote from all country. It is a CRIME that #shawnsounds is done."

To see who wins 'The Voice' season 16 tune in to NBC on Monday and Tuesday night. Check your local listings for more information.

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