'The Voice' season 16's 'Live Cross Battles' fails to earn fans' approval as technical flaws spoil the mood

'The Voice' season 16's 'Live Cross Battles' fails to earn fans' approval as technical flaws  spoil the mood

'The Voice' might be the epitome of innovation, but when it came to the 'Live Cross Battles' the series didn't seem to hit the mark with its fans and viewers, as most reveal that they prefer the regular knockout rounds rather than the new 'Live Cross Battles.' 

Last week after the battle rounds, the four-time Emmy Award-winning singing competition series revealed that they will be adding a new segment to their series - the 'Live Cross Battles'. The new segment was added instead of the regular Knockout Rounds that has been there since season 1 of The Voice. During the 'Live Cross Battles' coaches – Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – went head-to-head, each selecting one artist from their team to compete against an artist from an opposing team. 


Though fans were hyped up when they heard that 'The Voice' will be airing its battle live, after watching the first episode of 'Live Cross Battles' on Monday night, fans reveal that they aren't in favor of it. They found that the show faced a lot of technical issues and apart from that, they also revealed they did not like the way the voting process was carried out. 

The contestants' voices during their performance seemed off like they had pitch issues. Fans revealed that it was cringy and painful to hear the contestants sing. Adding to that they revealed that the voting process should have been like a battle of 1 vs 1, and not the way the series carried out the voting process. 


"4 nights dedicated to cross-battles so it cannot be undone. The producers will say the sound system was off or something but it does not matter - the damage is done. No one deserves to win based on performances tonite. It was so creepy I had to turn the show off #thevoice," wrote a fan. While another added, "What in the world! This is painful to watch and hear...cringing at every performance ... are these the same folks from the knockouts...#TheVoice." 

Fans also revealed that the entire idea of 'Live Cross Battles' was a fail. "Cross battles are a failure, whoever came up with this should be fired! #TheVoice," said a fan. Talking about the voting system fans said, "What is the point of having these battles if you can vote anyone, not one from each battle?" said a fan on Reddit. 


Another fan said, "not sure if the coaches are told the vote totals of the "losers" but maybe it can help them decide who to save/steal? I'm guessing they already know who they want to save/steal, but that's the only reason I can think to have the voting done this way. when I went to vote, it was annoying not being able to see what the pairings were bc I surely hadn't memorized them." 

Adding to that another fan wrote, "weird voting... you can vote for everyone, or no one. they arent paired up by battle." Continuing a fan said, "Why would they not just have the battles and you choose which you thought did better... who made this system you can vote 10 to all the artists you like? Why 10??" 


The Voice has been running successfully for the past 15 seasons and this is by far the first season where the fans and viewers didn't like a round and criticized it so much. With more 'Live Cross Battles' set to air next week, we will need to wait and see what happens. 

'The Voice' airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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