'The Voice' season 16 winner poll: Who will win the title among Madison, Dexter, Gyth and Andrew?

'The Voice' season 16 winner poll: Who will win the title among Madison, Dexter, Gyth and Andrew?

'The Voice' season 16 is heading to its grand finale with the Top 4 finalists ready to battle it out one last time before they reveal the title winner. 

During Monday night's performance, the Top 8 contestants each performed a solo  song followed by a duet from 'The Beatles.' And on Tuesday night after the voting lines closed 'The Voice' revealed its Top 4 finalists. Maelyn Jarmon from Team Legend,  Dexter Roberts and Gyth Rigdon from Team Blake were the three contestants to advance directly to the finale based out of Monday's voting. 

The remaining five contestants sang for live votes in the 'Instant Save' round. The fourth contestant to advance to the finale via the Instant Save was Andrew Sevener. The final team standings were Jarmon from Team Legend, Roberts, Rigdon and Sevener from Team Blake.

Gearing up for the finale, 'The Voice' season 16 also revealed that BTS and Taylor Swift will be performing during the finale. However, predicting who might win the season title is quite hard because it is currently anyone's game. 

The Voice -- "Live Top 8 Results" Episode 1615B -- Pictured: Team Blake (l-r) Andrew Sevener, Gyth Rigdon, Blake Shelton, Dexter Roberts -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Though Team Blake is ahead since he has three contestants from his team in the finale,  Jarmon from Legend is also someone to look out for since she was the contestant with the most streamed song on the iTunes charts. 

Jarmon is known for her energetic and entertaining performances. She has a strong set of vocals and has left the coaches speechless with her performance of songs like 'The Scientist', 'Mad World' and 'Stay.' Currently, Jarmon also has fans rooting for her to win because she is the only female contestant standing against three men. Apart from that, she has a major fan base because she is the only non-country contestant in the finale. 

Roberts from Blakes team is a self-taught musician and is known for his ease with country and rock songs.  Having a country and rock vocal combined he is a pretty impressive singer and one to beat this season. His performance of 'Here Without You' during the Top 8 performance was one among the best performances this season. 

The Voice -- "Live Top 8 Results" Episode 1615B -- Pictured: Team Legend (l-r) John Legend, Maelyn Jarmon -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The second man from Team Blake, Rigdon, is a bold country singer who is not afraid to sing unique yet iconic songs that no one else would have as their first choice. For example, his performance of 'God Bless the USA' during the semifinals. He gave it his all and even though Kelly Clarkson and Legend revealed they didn't like it much Rigdon made his way into the finale. We can't wait to see what he performs for the finale.

'Lucky' Sevener made his way into the finale after winning the Instant Save vote. While Sevener might be popular with fans on social media, there are others who insist that he is the wrong choice to be in the finale. He is the third country singer in the finale this year. Though Sevener won the Instant Save vote, we are yet to see if he will be able to win over the crowd during the finale. 

'The Voice' airs with its finale on Monday night. who do you think has the highest chance of winning the title this season?

Cast your votes in our poll below.

The voting will run till Sunday morning, after which, we will reveal the results. 

Who deserves to win 'The Voice' season 16
Maelyn Jarmon
Gyth Rigdon
Dexter Roberts
Andrew Sevener
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