Kelly Clarkson knew what she was doing all along as she wins 'The Voice' second year in a row

Through all the controversy that arose when she eliminated SandyRedd, Kelly Clarkson kept calm and emerged with the winning team for a second consecutive time in 'The Voice'

                            Kelly Clarkson knew what she was doing all along as she wins 'The Voice' second year in a row

For the second time in a row, Kelly Clarkson has won 'The Voice'. With season 15 done and dusted, Chevel Shepherd from Clarkson's team was announced the winner and one thing was very obvious, Clarkson knew what she was doing all this while. From being assumed she had a low chance of winning 'The Voice' this season, Clarkson made it all the way through with Shepherd. 

When the season started, Clarkson had then-frontrunner SandyRedd on her team, which automatically made it the team with the highest chance of succeeding. But when she eliminated Redd instead of Cody Ray Raymond during the battles, everyone assumed she was a step short of winning the trophy. When Raymond quit the show she was again criticized by fans for choosing him and letting go of Redd.

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omg...thank u @nbcthevoice for everything. i can’t believe this! i’m super excited for the next chapter of my journey❤️❤️ i love u all!!

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Through all those controversies Clarkson kept calm and has now emerged with the winning team for the second time in a row. After winning for the first time, with Brynn Cartelli in season 14, Clarkson won season 15 with Shepherd. What comes as a bigger shock is that she won with a country singer and beat Blake Shelton at his own game.

Despite Shelton having two equally good country singers — Chris Kroeze and Kirk Jay — on his team. After watching the entire season 15 of 'The Voice', it is safe to say nothing can be predicted and even the team considered to have the lowest chance of winning, might end up grabbing the title. 

Clarkson definitely proved she knew what she was doing from the start of the show. From choosing Shepherd to be on her team, despite knowing Shelton is a country artist, she coached Shepherd and helped her emerge as the winner. Maybe 'The American Idol' winner knew who was most suitable for winning when she chose her team and gracefully went through eliminations. She didn't give up and let the bad vibes get to her.

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So happy and excited @officialchevelshepherd made it to @nbcthevoice finale!! Yaasss!!!

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Shepherd grew throughout the competition from the start till the end and deserved the title. Her original song 'Broken Hearts' that she debuted on 'The Voice' season 15 finale was definitely one of a kind. Apart from her country tone, her yodeling made her stand out from the other two country artists on the show. What is even more amazing is that Clarkson broke Shelton's feat of being the only coach to win the reality singing series with a country singer in their team. Shepherd's win this season also proved Clarkson's claims of having country credentials, true. 

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