'The Voice' season 15: These are the top 13 that America voted for

Apart from a few striking audience decisions, this episode of 'The Voice' saw the four coaches trying to save their dearest contestants from getting eliminated.  

                            'The Voice' season 15: These are the top 13 that America voted for

After the power-packed live performances of 24 contestants on Monday, it was time for America to choose its top 13 to proceed to the next round of 'The Voice season 15'. Apart from a few striking audience decisions, the episode saw the four coaches trying to save their favorite contestants from getting eliminated, reported Entertainment Weekly

Team Blake:

The first one to go through the tough act of making a choice was Blake Shelton. The two contestants that were saved by America's votes were Kirk Jay and Chris Kroeze. It came in as a surprise to the coach that Dave Fenley, who performed live on Willie Nelson's song was not saved by the audience. However, Shelton saved Dave and promoted him to the next round along with Jay and Kroeze. 




Team Adam:

Adam Levine had to make some tough choices when it was his turn. DeAndre Nico and Reagan Strange were saved by the voters whereas, Tyke James who was expected to be saved by the audience, was left for the elimination round along with Kameron Marlowe, Steve Memmolo, and Radha. This was difficult for Adam after seeing the artists perform brilliantly in the last round, but eventually, he made his decision and saved James. 

Team Jennifer:

From Jennifer Hudson's team, Makenzie Thomas and Kennedy Holmes got the green light from the voters and got to next round. However, Hudson had to make a choice between Colton Smith, Franc West, Patrique Fortson, and Sandy Redd, which resulted in Hudson choosing her earlier favorite Sandy, thinking about the later stages of the show and her caliber. 

Team Kelly:

The decision for Kelly Clarkson wasn't a tough one as the audience failed to save one of her dearests, Kymberli Joye. Clarkson saved Joye and she joined Chevel Shepherd and Sarah Grace, who were saved by the voters, to enter the Top 13. However, Abby Cates, Keith Paulson, and Zaxai had to sadly go home. 




Team Kelsa Ballerini:

Kelsa Ballerini had managed to keep two contestants in her team until the last episode. Ayanna Joni and Lynnea Moore competed against each other and the results were not very surprising. Ayanna's performance on Ariana Grande's 'No Tears Left to Cry' was technically off and that reflected in her votes as she managed to get only 15% of the votes, compared to Moore who got 85% for her performance on Ella Mai's 'Boo'd Up'. Ayanna was eliminated at the end of the night and Moore chose Kelly Clarkson to be her coach. 

Here are the team standings till date: 

Team Kelly: Sarah Grace, Chevel Shepherd, Kymberli Joye, Lynnea Moore

Team Blake: Kirk Jay, Dave Fenley, Chris Kroeze 

Team Adam: Tyke James, DeAndre Nico, Reagan Strange 

Team Hudson: Kennedy Holmes, Makenzie Thomas, Sandy Redd