'The Voice' season 15: Fans devastated about Sandy Redd's elimination, say it's unfair

Sandy Redd's fans are calling out 'The Voice' stating that it is rigged and the elimination of Redd, unfair.

                            'The Voice' season 15: Fans devastated about Sandy Redd's elimination, say it's unfair

'The Voice' season 15 is getting tougher by the day and we are witnessing this as the episodes air each week. This week we saw two talented contestants Sandy Redd and Tyke James get eliminated, while Lynnea Moore gained the title of the 'Comeback Kid' yet again. 

The elimination of Tyke James and Sandy Redd sent their fans into shock. And, that comes with no doubt because they were definitely top performers at one point during the show. More than the fans of James, Redd's fans seem to be calling out 'The Voice' stating it is rigged and that her elimination was unfair. "Another #WTF moment on #TheVoice ! The #VoiceComeback is the worst "twist" ever on this show. #VoiceResults #VoiceTop11," said one fan. While another added, "The Voice is literally rigged. Sandy Redd has a unique voice and an unbelievable talent. This is sickening. #voicesavesandyredd." 

Fans were unable to digest the news of her elimination, and apart from blaming the show, one fan went the extra step and blamed the sound engineer of the show. "@kelly_clarkson #VoiceResults the sound mixer stinks! I can't hear Sandy Redd! I hear the music more than her! She has a powerful voice so it has to be the sound guy! Ugh!!!."


"WHAT THE HELL?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! BULLS**T!! Disgraceful! I'm so mad right now! #TheVoice #VoiceResults," retorted one fan. The fans were left devastated with the news of her being eliminated after she sang Imagine Dragons' 'Believer'. Many still believed she deserved a second chance on the show and not Moore. "I’m in shock that SandyRedd went home and #LynneaMoorer won! She was the worst singer tonight! Such a sad night! #voiceresults," a fan wrote.


Though some fans are going all out at 'The Voice' others are trying to digest the news stating Redd has more in store for her even though she got eliminated so early. "It's crazy that SandyRedd is even in the bottom 3, but she gone be alright regardless. That girl is good! Good and talented!" said one user. "Sandy Redd we think you should have been in the finals you are #TheVoice good luck to you and keep doing what you do best.... sing and perform girl!!!" another encouraged. 


While there are fans who are calling out the reality singing competition for eliminating Redd, Moore too found some support. "#voicesavelynnea SandyRedd is a good performer but her vocals are hoarse/tired and she shouts more than sings. Tyke is the weakest vocalist in the top 13! Lynnea is the full package; great voice and look," said one fan.


Though Redd and James were the ones to get eliminated Tuesday, this definitely does not mean the end for the both of them. Because in the end, no matter how many good singers are on the show, it all comes down to one winner. 

'The Voice' airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.