'The Voice' season 15: Three contestants who stood out in week two of blind auditions

'The Voice' season 15 has so far featured some truly talented artists and it is now clear that it is going to be tough for the judges to pick their favorites

                            'The Voice' season 15: Three contestants who stood out in week two of blind auditions

We are officially done with two weeks of 'The Voice' season 15. After a week that featured some truly talented artists, it is now clear that it is going to be tough for the judges to pick their favorites once the battle round starts. And since we have to wait till Monday for the next round of blind auditions, here is a small recap of three contestants that stood out this week.

There are definitely some truly amazing singers this season. We could see that because the coaches themselves had a tough time in trying to woo the singers to join their team. 

Sanday Redd

We start the list with the performer who got all four judges to turn their chair after listening to her voice, Sandy Reed. Sandy sang her rendition of the 'River' by Bishop Briggs and is the first contestant who stood out this week. Sandy had the judges throwing their belongings around in applause. 

It didn't take long for the judges to turn their chair for her from the moment she started singing with her dynamic voice. By the end of her performance, the coaches were left trying to woo her so that she chooses them as her coach. 

Just like how she threw one of her shoes during last week's episode in appreciation at a performance, Hudson this time threw both of her shoes on stage. Following her, Clarkson threw her jacket and Shelton joined in with throwing his cup and ended with Adam copying Hudson by throwing his shoes as well. 

After all the throwing was done, Redd ended up choosing Clarkson as her coach and joined Team Kelly. 


Sarah Grace

The next singer who stood out was 15-year-old Sarah Grace who auditioned on Monday. Her performance clearly revealed that the judges have their hands ties this season, especially when it comes to picking the next possible winner for this season. 

With her rendition of Janis Joplin's 'Ball and Chain', Sarah had three of the four judges turn for her — Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton. However, from the start till the end, the one judge that was mainly bamboozled by her performance was Clarkson. 

Though Hudson and Blake tried their best to seize the moment and battle it out to make her join their team, Clarkson decided to step it up a notch and lock in a really good point as to why she should join Team Kelly. 

Though Sarah thought she had it all figured out, it was definitely a hard decision for her. In the end, she unveiled that she picks Clarkson as her coach. 


Reagan Strange 

It comes as no doubt that 'The Voice' seems to be featuring a lot of young talented singers and one of them happens to be 13-year-old Reagan Stranger. Reagan is the same age as Kennedy Holmes who was the first contestant to get a four-chair turn this season. 

Though Strange just got Adam and Shelton to turn their chairs for her, her performance was in no way any less flawless. She performed her rendition of Bebe Rexha's 'Meant To Be'. Her performance portrayed an immense potential that made Adam hit his buzzer immediately. 

Shelton followed in by hitting his buzzer towards the end of her performance, though Stranger revealed that she wanted to choose Blake in the beginning, Adam's end of the bargain stood out leaving the 13-year-old just like the other artists: confused. 

But, in the end, even though Shelton tried his usual head pointing at her, she ended up choosing to be in 'Team Adam' not just because he pushed his buzzer first, but because of the words he told her as well. 


These three performances were not the only ones who stood out this week, We even witnessed, MaKenzie Thomas who returned after last year's season. She sang Jessie J's 'Big White Room' and joined Hudson's team by default. Then there was Chris Kroeze who sang Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Pride and Joy' and joined Team Blake. 

'The Voice' returns on Monday with another round of blind auditions. Check your local listing for timing.