‘The Voice' Season 15 premiere: The 13-year-old Kennedy Holmes channeled her inner Adele, and the judges lost their minds

Singing  Adele’s “Turning Tables" everyone in the audience, judges included, were left in awe by a flawless performance from the young singer.

                            ‘The Voice' Season 15 premiere: The 13-year-old Kennedy Holmes channeled her inner Adele, and the judges lost their minds

After all these years of watching reality singing competitions, it is a well-known fact that fans and seasoned viewers know never to miss the end of an audition episode. Why? Because just like the saying, 'Save the best for the last,' the show's producers also do the same. They always save their favorite contestant for the last slot. And that is the exactly what happened during the last few minutes of 'The Voice' Season 15 premiere that aired on Monday. 


"Let’s check in with the final artist of the night,” host Carson Daly told the audience and then he introduced 13-year-old Kennedy Holmes from St Louis. And when he did, no one imagined that just a few moments later, she would make the celebrity coaches/judges lose their minds. 

Before her performance, the viewers were first shown a pre-recorded introduction of the 13-year-old who also happens to be the youngest singer to audition this season. In the video, Holmes can be seen saying that she is a typical middle school student who loves to dance, play volleyball, run track and also recording goofy videos with her mom in the car. After the video was done, the producers then cut to the scene where she can be seen standing on the stage. 


Starting off with just a mild humming tune, we can see that Kelly Clarkson was already stunned by Holme's voice. Singing  Adele’s “Turning Tables" everyone in the audience, judges included, were left in awe of the flawless performance by the young singer. Adam was the first one to hit the buzzer, followed by Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and finally Kelly Clarkson. With a four-chair-turn around, it was clear that Holmes had a serious choice to make. 

A four-chair-turn around is highly unusual, particularly from celebrities who have been on the show for years. When Holmes was done with her performance, and introduced herself -- stating her age --  the judges were left in awe once again. Kelly Clarkson had to get up from her chair for a walk to calm down. 

Levine started off by saying, “Very, very rarely does someone come around that kind of reignites our passion for what we do. And to hear you sing today did that,” he said. “Just to see that kind of confidence naturally exist in you at such a young age, it’s unheard of. After the 15 seasons, you really could become the absolute biggest thing to ever come from this show.”

Following which Blake agreed and said, “Let me be the first to thank you for coming to ‘The Voice,’ ’cause our ratings are going to shoot through the roof this evening. I think you are the best vocalist that has auditioned this year,” he said. “I want you to pick me as your coach so you can teach me how to sing like that.”


The producers of the show knew how they had something special and released a preview of Holmes' audition, but they were wise enough and cut it off right when she was about to choose her coach. 

While watching the premiere, Holmes' choice was obvious, though she remarkably finished her audition, she burst into tears as soon as Jennifer Hudson started to talk to her. After moments gathering herself, Holmes then revealed that in one of her first performances back at school, she sang “I Am Changing,” which happens to be the song that Hudson's character performed in 'Dreamgirls'. 

Holmes then said that it was her dream to sing to Hudson, to which she replied in an instant saying, "I'm ready!" She then got up from her seat and walked to the stage and gave Holmes a tight hug. Then the two of them gave a small impromptu performance of "I Am Changing." Watching the duo sing, Holmes parents and Clarkson burst out in tears. 


Once their performance was done Hudson told Holmes that is was an honor to sing with her. Clearly, if she hadn't chosen already or if she had any doubt, it was sure after their performance together, that Holmes would choose Hudson to be her coach. Which left Hudson thrilled to which she said,  “I think the game is over because I just won ‘The Voice’ with little Miss Kennedy. Yes, I did."

This time none of the other coaches argued because Hudson had proved that she had what it takes to nurture Holmes' gift and turn it into something even more amazing. “You win. It’s over,” Levine said. “She’s so good,” Clarkson added. Shelton, a six-time winner, concurred: “You just won ‘The Voice.’ ”

Though tonight’s episode is just an hour long, the bar is set high to see who will be next to pass the blind auditions and make it on to 'The Voice'. Check your local listings for timings. 

Watch Holmes' performance here: