'The Voice' season 15: Here's the lowdown on artistes advancing from Team Blake and Team Clarkson

Here is a list of contestants advancing to the live shows from Team Blake and Team Clarkson along with what might be their strengths and weaknesses

                            'The Voice' season 15: Here's the lowdown on artistes advancing from Team Blake and Team Clarkson

The knockouts are now done and dusted, and 'The Voice' season 15 has come down to six contestants on each coach's team. And, it comes with no doubt that all the competitors have improved in their own way since their blind auditions. Though they all look promising, in the end, there can only be one winner. 

During the knockouts, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton found it hard to make decisions on who will be staying back in the competition, who to steal and who to save. And with the live shows starting next week, the viewers themselves are going to have a tough time voting for the best song. Though it may mostly be based on favoritism, some will still find it hard to vote. 

Here is the list of contestants advancing to the live shows from Team Blake and Team Clarkson along with what might be their strengths and weaknesses:


Dave Fenley

After growing up singing in church, he went against his parents' wishes, dropped out of college and started performing. He now performs at private events for a living. According to him, 'The Voice' is his last shot at becoming a full-time artist. 

Strengths: He is a great performer, with an even greater voice. He can definitely put on a show and is the front-runner for Team Blake. 

Weakness: We need to see something new from him. Though him playing the guitar is a plus point, he needs to put it down and show us something new.



Born in Lagos, Nigeria, he later moved to Maryland. Funsho plans to move to LA to focus on music full-time.

Strength: He has a decent voice that would take him to places if he continues to improve. 

Weakness: We need more upbeat songs from him. Something like his blind audition song choice. Maybe even better.


Natasia Greycloud

With her sister as her number one fan and supporter, Greycloud hopes 'The Voice' will give her a fresh start in her music career.

Strengths: Greycloud has a really good soulful voice and with each performance, it can be seen she takes the effort to improve. If she continues, she can surely be a front-runner. 

Weakness: Though she is good at what she does, she needs to improve more to stay in the competition if she wants to be one among the front-runners.


Kirk Jay

Growing up facing struggles, Jay now has his own band and travels south with Kirk Jay & Kuntry Funk.

Strengths: Jay has a great voice, which is really soulful. Along with that, he is a really great performer. 

Weakness: He needs to improve the versatility in his voice and song choices.


Chris Kroeze

With full support from his parents from a very young age, Kroeze now performs overseas for troops and also does about 200 shows a year. 

Strengths: His raspy voice is his plus point. He knows how to gather the attention of the audience and judges with his performance. 

Weakness: It would be nice to see something more upbeat from him, something like his audition performance might be the key ingredient to him being a front-runner.


Michael Lee

Knowing what he wanted since he was a kid, Lee sees 'The Voice' as a platform from which he can kick-start his new life. 

Strengths: He has a pop star voice, moves and stage presence which helps him kill it on stage. 

Weakness: As amazing as he is at what he does, he needs to keep improving so he does not end up slipping.


Abby Cates

After starting to perform from a really young age, she looks at 'The Voice' as the first stage where she can be herself. 

Strengths: She can definitely put up a performance, she has an amazing voice and we have noticed that since her first performance. 

Weakness: Needs to improve on her stage presence in order to be on the top. 


Sarah Grace

Being among the youngest performers this season, she hopes this stage will be the jumpstart she needs for her future career.

Strengths: She has a decent voice, but a better stage presence which enhances each time she performs. 

Weakness: Her technique isn't questionable, but if she strains while singing, she might have a problem. 


Kymberli Joye

After working alongside chart-topping gospel singer JJ Hairston, Joye joined 'The Voice' to have a chance to be in the spotlight by herself.

Strength: She is the front-runner in Clarkson's team. Her voice is nearly flawless and perfect. She needs to stick to this.

Weakness: She needs to improve her stage presence and make a bigger splash during her performance.

Keith Paluso

Paluso always had a love for music, and now he wants to show his son it's not too late to pursue one's dreams, by performing on 'The Voice'. 

Strength: Paluso has a very strong voice which helps him hit any note with ease. He has a voice that does not seem too forced unlike a few upcoming singers. 

Weakness: Like Fenley, he needs to step away from his guitar and make a better stage presence.

Chevel Shepherd

Just 16 years old, Shepherd is ready to take her talent beyond her small town and impress people with her voice.

Strengths: She has a very edgy voice which compliments her really well. Her stage presence is amazing and really personifies the genre of soul. 

Weakness: She needs to improve her breathing while singing, and not swallow words. If she does she has a shot. 



Being a first generation Haitian-American, he currently performs in various genres and languages. 

Strengths: He has a great voice, which allows him to hit any high pitch he wishes too. Apart from that, he knows how to grab the audience's and judges' attention with his performance and stage presence. 

Weakness: Though he is good at what he performs, he still needs to evolve his style a bit more so that he can sing anything.


'The Voice' season 15 airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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