'The Voice' season 15: Here's the lowdown on the artistes advancing from Team Adam and Team Hudson to the Live shows

Here is the list of contestants advancing to the Live shows from Team Adam and Team Hudson along with a small list of what might be their strengths and weaknesses

                            'The Voice' season 15: Here's the lowdown on the artistes advancing from Team Adam and Team Hudson to the Live shows

With the Knockouts all done and dusted, it has now come down to six contestants on each coach's team. If you take a close look at all the performances so far, it wouldn't be that hard to notice that with time, all the competitors have improved in their own way. And though they all look promising, sadly there can only be one winner. 

During the Knockouts, the judges — Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton — had a very tough job of making the decision on who will be staying back in the competition, who to steal and who to save. And with the Live shows starting next week, the viewers themselves are going to have a tough time voting for the best song. Though it is mostly based on favoritism, some might still find it hard to vote. 

Here is the list of contestants advancing to the Live shows from Team Adam and Team Hudson along with a small list of what might be their strength and weakness:



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just look at my battles outfit. i literally felt like a superhero in super pajamas !!! i was flying around the stage shooting lasers out of my toes!!

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 James, who has moved around the US his entire life, but now settled in Hawai, is one of the front-runners in Levine's team. His hippie vibe just adds to his charm and voice as well. 

Strength: The energy he brings to the stage with his performance,  unleashes the best of his personality and emotions, which in return makes his performance nothing less of flawless.

Weakness: Though he is good at what song he chooses, James would need to evolve his style a bit more so that he can sing anything and not be confined to a particular genre.


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Cheesing hard because I’m now top 24 on @nbcthevoice and a new proud member of team @adamlevine

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Marlowe, a worship leaderm, came to 'The Voice' with the hope that this platform will give him a jumpstart in his career. 

Strength: Marlowe has a unique voice and raw talent, which allows him to tackle his songs in his own way. 

Weakness: He will need to improve his stage presence and not always stay behind the mic with his guitar. 


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Happy Friday everybody!! Don’t forget to watch @nbcthevoice this Monday & Tuesday at 8pm EST on nbc! You never know who you might see?

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The entertainer who has his very own party band in Boston called Classic Yellow, with whom he plays at weddings and corporate events, feels at home whenever he gets to perform for people. 

Strength: Memmolo, probably has the strongest and widest vocal range and amazing stage presence. 

Weakness: Though he is good at what he performs, he still has to break through that glass ceiling to become the front-runner.


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Top 24, heading to the lives! This will be a great journey! Can’t wait to see what God has next. 🙏🏾💯 #teamdeandre @nbcthevoice #knockouts #TeamAdam #lives

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Nico is the only four-chair turn receiver that Levine has in his team and has had music with him through his ups and downs and hopes to find a home through this competition. 

Strength: Nico has a style in his voice that does not seem forced like most singers you might find nowadays. 

Weakness: He needs to step up his stage presence if he wants to stay on top. 




Radha’s full name is Radharani which means 'graceful Indian queen'. And her voice is definitely as graceful as her name. 

Strength: Has a very edgy voice which compliments her really well. Her stage presence is nothing less of flawless either. 

Weakness: She tries to focus on 'perfection' to a point where she might sometimes end up sounding unnatural and needs to improve on that. 


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so happy to say that lives are ALMOST here !!!! in a little over a week, top 24 will be live 🤩 i’m so excited ;)) #teamreagan #thevoice

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Being one among the youngest contestants in the show, she might be small but she definitely has a voice that can overpower the rest as well. 

Strength: Strange really personifies the genre of soul and has good musical versatility. 

Weakness: Her technique isn't questionable but if she strains while singing she might have a problem. 




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#thevoice #season15 #liveolayoffs #Patreats #beardedblondunicorn #houseofvanhouston

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Growing up in the music industry as the youngest gospel singer, and now he is on the show with hopes to fulfill his dreams of being a singer. 

Strength: Fortson has a very strong voice which helps him to hit any note with ease. 

Weakness: Though he has this strong voice which helps him, this might be his ruin as well if he tries too hard to hit notes that are way too high. 



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Happy #Monday from me! What’s your #mondaymotivation? Mine is that @nbcthevoice is on tonight at 8/7c 😁!

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The youngest performer to get a four-chair turn this season, Holmes is definitely a front-runner in Hudson's team and if she continues what she does she has the highest chance of winning this season. 

Strength: Holmes has amazing stage presence, that maturity in her voice beyond her age and a really impressive vocal range. 

Weakness: Sometimes it might look that she has a very niche style while performing. 




Starting the competition as a front-runner, Redd has surely taken some steps backward in her recent performances, which might affect her stay on the competition.

Strength: Her main strengths are her bold voice, which compliments her stage presence in the best way ever. 

Weakness: Has to make the best of her voice and not make wrong decisions in her song choice. Because it might make or break her stay on the show.


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HEHEHE SURPRISE. I AM ON TEAM. BLAKKKKKE. #shook #thevoice #teamblake

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With the help of his parents, Smith hopes to showcase his talent and make the best out of this opportunity. 

Strength:  He gave it all during the Knockouts, with the best stage presence ever and his vocal range hit the ceiling. If he continues this, there is no stopping him in this competition. 

Weakness: He takes a lot of high pitches in his performance, because of his wide range but this might be a ruin for him. He needs to work on it and make sure it does not sound too strained. 



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Knockouts start next week if I'm not mistaken y'all! Keep an eye out and you might get to see me!!! #thevoice #alwaysbemybaby @mariahcarey @nbcthevoice

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After not being able to make it on 'The Voice' last season, she came back this season stronger than ever after taking the comments and refining her vocals. 

Strengths: She has a strong and unique voice, She is definitely musically gifted and showcases her emotions through her singing. 

Weakness: Needs to improve her stage presence to make a bigger splash during her performance. 



After spending his childhood looking at his mom lead and direct the church choir, he is here to fulfill her dreams and show his son how to do so too. 

Strength: Makes high pitches seem effortless, and knows how to pull it off without straining. 

Weakness: West needs to make sure he doesn't make his performances too gospel-like, or that would be a ruin for him. 

'The Voice' season 15 airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.



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