'The Voice' season 15 grand finale: Here's why Kirk Jay's perfect pitch could bag him a win

Among the four finalists of 'The Voice' season 15, Kirk Jay has the upper hand this season due to his perfect pitch and passion

                            'The Voice' season 15 grand finale: Here's why Kirk Jay's perfect pitch could bag him a win

'The Voice' season 15 has now entered the most awaited episode, the grand finale. With just four contestants left, the stage is set for Monday's live telecast of the finale. When we take a look back at the previous episodes of the show, it can be noticed this season had quite a lot of confrontations. Starting from the elimination of SandyRedd, Cody Ray Raymond quitting the show, and finally Lynnea Moorer aka 'The Comeback girl'.

But now, with barely two episodes left before the reality singing competition can announce the winner of season 15, there is one burning question everyone is pondering on. Who among the four finalists — Kennedy Holmes (Team Hudson), Kirk Jay (Team Blake), Chris Kroeze (Team Blake), Chevel Shepherd (Team Clarkson) — will end up taking the trophy home?

All the four contestants are strong and were previously known as front runners of their teams. Among the judges this season Adam Levine is the only one without a singer from his team in the final. This grand finale can seriously be anyone's game. 

In Monday's finale, the final four will have to perform three songs. One will be a solo cover, the second will be a duet with their coach and the third will be an original song. So, it is definitely an episode not be missed. After the performances, the voting lines open and on Tuesday one among the four contestants will become 'The Voice' season 15 winner. 

Kennedy Holmes from Jennifer Hudson's team had always been the front-runner with the highest chances of winning the show according to me. But after taking a look at the results, her chances might have reduced. She was the last one to advance into the finals. Neither did Holmes have the highest streams of the week.

But she is still definitely one of the strongest contestants in the show. Kirk Jay who was the first to advance to the finals also seems to think so. In an earlier interview with Meaww, Jay who was asked if not him, who deserved to win, revealed it should be Holmes. "She's 13 years old. She's the youngest girl in the show. With one of biggest voices, one of the most beautiful voices and you know, she just she's ready for TV she is a Superstar," he said. 

Looking by the previous performances from the time the live shows have begun, the one person who stands out among the rest is Jay from Blake Shelton's team. He has claimed one among the top 3 spots on almost all the live shows. Throughout his performances, to date, Jay has never hit a false note. His best works are his emotional ballads. It always brings out the best in his voice. 

Thus, according to me, Jay takes the first spot as to who might end up winning ahead of Holmes who is now second. The Alabama country singer is definitely in it to win it. He claimed to be his own competition. "I know everybody's great. So, as long as I'm 110% and as far as I don't get lazy, I am my biggest competition. Because I know everybody else is going do their job," Jay said in his interview.

If you have seen his performances it can clearly be seen Jay is also very passionate about every song he sings. And, with the finalists having to sing an original song during the finals, Jay has the upper hand due to his experience of already performing in a band and traveling around to perform. If he continues to perform with the same passion and not missing a note the trophy is undoubtedly his. 

'The Voice' season 15 grand finale airs Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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