'The Voice' season 15: Singing duo OneUp has the judges smitten by their performance and their love story

Levine, who didn't turn his chair, did step in and say that the duo should pick Blake as their coach because of the amazing work he did with The Swon Brothers a few seasons ago.

                            'The Voice' season 15: Singing duo OneUp has the judges smitten by their performance and their love story

There's a duo this year on 'The Voice'  and by the end of their performance, they left the judges awestruck. In a sneak peek of today's episode, Adam and Jerome, who are members of OneUp performed their rendition of the Spinners classic R&B hit 'Could it Be I’m Falling in Love.' Though it took the judges some time to figure out that there were two of them, they still looked confused about whether or not they should turn around. 



But, when the duo hit the right high note, Blake was the first to turn his chair, followed by Hudson and Clarkson. When Hudson looked at the boys, she was shocked and said, "You took me to the rafters!” Hailing from New York City, the duo not only wowed the judges with their performance but with their love story as well. “We met, and then we fell in love, actually,” Adam, explains, gaining adorable reactions from Hudson and Clarkson. 

The coaches then called the entire family on stage, and after they arrived Clarkson tears up. “It’s going to sound super cheesy and I’ll try not to cry because I’m that girl, but…In a time in this country where it’s so divisive, this is such a beautiful thing,” she says of the couple. “It is proof that in this country, love is limitless,” Clarkson added.  “It’s the most beautiful thing that’s happened to me this season.”



“I want to be in the family!” Hudson says, she then hopped on stage and went on to hug the duo and their families. “You’re out of bounds!” Blake jokes as he raised his hand. He then follows up and says, “I have had the most success with duos of any coach in the history of The Voice. Why not pick a coach who has a proven track record with duos on The Voice,” Blake adds. “You need a cowboy, come on!”

Levine, who didn't turn his chair, then steps in and adds his point of view saying that they should pick Blake because of the amazing work he did with the country duo The Swon Brothers a few seasons back. After a healthy bickering between the coaches about what sound OneUp would produce, Jerome explains that “Motown is the music we want to do.”

Levine gets to the point and asks, “Okay okay! Who do you pick as your coach?” “We love Kelly, but Jennifer got up here,” Adam says, as Shelton points to himself. “Blake said a lot of good stuff.” Who do you think Adam and Jerome will choose? Find out on today when 'The Voice' Blind Auditions 5 airs on NBC at 8 pm ET.