'The Voice' Season 19: John Legend calls John Holiday 'best performer' ever, fans declare him their 'favorite'

Fans can't stop raving about John Holiday's incredible performance on 'The Voice' and even judges were shocked to find out that the high-pitched falsetto was coming from a man

                            'The Voice' Season 19: John Legend calls John Holiday 'best performer' ever, fans declare him their 'favorite'
John Holiday (NBC)

Thanks to the format of the blind audition on 'The Voice', the coaches can't see the performers until they hit the buzzer to turn their chair around to express their interest in the contestant, or wait until the end of the performance to catch a glimpse. So, when they heard a singer belt high-pitched falsetto to John Mathis's 'Misty', they turned around to discover that the voice behind the incredible high falsetto, they were left shocked yo find that it was that of a male.

As soon as John Legend heard the soulful tune, he immediately pressed the buzzer and turned around to see the singer. Legend was beyond surprised when he discovered that the performer was male and not female. Soon, Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani followed Legend's suit and pressed the buzzer to turn around and see the performer. They too were left shellshocked on seeing a man with such high-pitch. 

Legend's competitive spirit had him pre-emptively blocking Clarkson from getting the contestant on her team. While Clarkson was busy complaining about Legend's move, Stefani and Legend took the opportunity to get to know the contestant. This is when it was revealed that the contestant's name was John Holiday. Holiday said he was a 35-year-old opera singer from Texas. Clarkson just got further worked up on hearing that Holiday was from her home state. 


In his introduction video, Holiday explained how he always enjoyed singing and was picked on as a child for his high-pitch. But eventually, he grew into it and turned to opera. Holiday revealed how as a Black, gay man, he wants to inspire youngsters, especially boys to go ahead and pursue their dreams irrespective of their race, skin color or gender. 

Since Blake Shelton didn't press the buzzer, Legend and Stefani were left fighting to get Holiday on their team. While Gwen couldn't stop praising Holiday for the retro vibe his voice had and how she would love to work with him, Legend tried persuading Holiday by pointing how Johns have to stick together. He then added that it would be his pleasure to coach Holiday and have him on his team. Apparently, Legend's pitch pleased Holiday, for the opera singer chose to join Team Legend.

Later, Legend expressed his joy on getting Holiday on his team and declared the contestant as the "best performer" he had ever seen on the show, and how he was looking forward to coaching Holiday. Fans too seem to be with Legend and couldn't stop raving about Holiday's incredible performance and talent. A fan tweeted, "Can we just go ahead and declare #JohnHoliday the winner??? You bettah SANG!!! #TheVoice." Another said, "John Holiday's voice shocked me too Kelly! Your shocked face at who the person was was funny and being blocked by John Legend What a great ending to the blind auditions. Go John H. & John L #TheVoice," wrote a fan. Another fan shared, "John Holiday is my most favorite person in the world right now. #TheVoice."




'The Voice' Season 19 airs every Monday at 8/7c only on NBC. 

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