'The Voice' Season 19: Kelsie Watts sings Kelly Clarkson's song 'better than her', fans feel 'she could win'

'The Voice' Season 19: Kelsie Watts sings Kelly Clarkson's song 'better than her', fans feel 'she could win'
Kelsie Watts and Kelly Clarkson (NBC)

Kelsie Watts may have received the best compliment a performer can ever get! The 29-year-old contestant made a bold choice of singing 'The Voice' coach Kelly Clarkson's song for the blind auditions. Kelly, who is usually very critical of contestants who choose to perform a cover of any of her tracks, was left feeling hard-pressed to find any flaw in Kelsie's incredible performance to 'I Dare You'. 

When Kelsie first got on the stage and began performing Kelly's song, the coach froze for a second hearing the song. Then she began paying keen attention to all the notes Kelsie was hitting and couldn't contain her excitement at how beautifully she was performing the song. At one point, Kelly turned to her fellow coaches and excitedly declared that it was her song.

The minute Kelsey hit the highest note, Kelly couldn't control herself anymore and immediately decided to turn her chair. Gwen Stefani too turned her chair after feeling impressed by Kelsie's amazing range.


As Kelsie was ending her performance, Kelly excitedly stood and shouted "you better sing that song". Once Kelsie finished singing, Kelly declared that the contestant one-upped her at her own song. Kelly then began showering praises on Kelsie, her incredible range and how she so boldly hit the whistle notes knowing fully well that if she messed it up she would be the laughing stock of America.

Kelly then turned towards the virtual audience and declared that America will never see her perform 'I Dare You' on tour ever, because Kelsie did a way better job than her. Kelsie excitedly snuck in an opportunity to collaborate with Kelly and tour together. 

Gwen too praised Kelsie's performance. When it was finally time for her to pick her coach, it came as no surprise that she decided to go with Kelly. Just like Kelly, fans too couldn't get enough of Kelsie's talent and performance. Many pointed out how Kelly declaring that Kelsie covered her song way better than her was the sign of Kelsie's talent.

A fan tweeted, "@kellyclarkson it’s Kelsie’s song now... #TheVoice." Another fan wrote, "Kelsie Watts definitely made Kelly Clarkson proud! Those whistle notes are fire! #TheVoice." "She could win this. When Kelly Clarkson says you actually sing HER song better than her.......this is something to watch out for. Be afraid, other coaches....be very afraid. LOL. 🤣," commented a fan.  Another fan praised, "Kelsie Watts has great energy in her pkg and on stage. This is so beautiful. So much feeling and those clear cut soaring vocals. Preach them lyrics girl. I’m screaming, y’all. That note and then back to such quiet. Dynamics!!! #TheVoice #VoiceBlinds."







'The Voice' Season 19 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9/8c only on NBC. 

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