'The Voice' season 15: Contestants battle it out against own team members with songs of their choice

This time, unlike the Battle Round, the singers pick a song of their choice and battle it out with an opponent from the same team.

                            'The Voice' season 15: Contestants battle it out against own team members with songs of their choice

On Monday's episode of 'The Voice' season 15, Knockout Rounds Mariah Carey joined as a key advisor for all the teams. And this time, unlike the battles, the singers got to pick a song of their choice and battle it out with an opponent from the same team.

The premiere for the Knockouts was definitely not all sunshine and rainbows as the show had a shocking revelation for fans and viewers, as Cody Ray Raymond from Team Kelly had decided quit the show due to personal issues.


First performance during the Knockouts premiere was Keith Paluso vs Tyke James from Team Adam.  Going by their previous performances, Both Paluso and James seemed like a perfect pair to compete against each other, because both of them have a very raspy voice. 

Paluso was the first to perform, and he sang Ray LaMontagne’s 'You Are the Best Thing'. Unlike his usual raspy voice, Paluso sang in a more smooth tone, a perfect match to the song he chose.

It was overall a performance that did justice his talents. James followed with his rendition of Johnny Cash’s 'Ring of Fire', James' voice complimented the song really well. His low tone voice with gravel was something that brought the judges to the edge of their seat. His performance brought out this personality and emotions, and was nothing short of flawless. 


When it came to the decision making, it was definitely a tough choice for Levine, but after leveling out their performances, he finally made the right choice and chose James as the winner. This was a good choice that Levine had made because James' voice is definitely one of a kind and a strong contestant on Team Adam. 

The second performance from Team Adam was Radha vs Reagan Strange. Twenty-year-old Radha chose to perform Carey's hit song 'I’ll Be There', while Strange chose to sing Calum Scott's 'Dancing on My Own'.

In my opinion, Radha's performance stood out more than Strange's. She hit every note perfectly and her voice complimented the song in a really beautiful manner. 

Compared to Strange's performance, Radha's was more melodious, bringing out her voice in a really good way.

In the end, Adam chose Strange as the winner but saved Radha as well. But that seemed like a bad choice as she deserved to win the round because of her bold voice which stood out better than Strange's melodious tune. 



The next performance was a rare one because unlike the usual Knockouts where two perform against each other, this time Clarkson had to make three singers go against each other because Raymond quit the show. So, she chose Kymberli Joye vs Zaxai vs Natasia Greycloud. Among the three competitors, Joye was the first to get on stage and perform Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey’s 'The Middle'. Her bold voice and amazing stage presence just blew everyone's mind and overall it made her performance flawless. She had a Whitney Houston tone in her voice. Greycloud chose Chris Stapleton song 'Tennessee Whiskey,' to describe her performance in one word, it was just powerful. But the runs did not feel as natural as Joye's. Finally, Zaxai performed Smokey Robinson’s 'Cruisin.' and he just cruised through the song without any issues. Especially hitting his falsetto without even trying so hard. 


Clarkson had a tough job when it came to choosing the winners of the Knockouts. And since she already lost a front-runner she couldn't afford to make any more mistakes which she might end up regretting later. She made her decision and chose Joye and Zaxai as the winners, and no doubt this time she made a good choice. These two are definitely a powerhouse in her team. This just proves that Clarkson might still stand a chance in winning the reality show for the second time in a row. 


The two contestants that Blake Shelton chose to go head to head against each other were Katrina Cain and Funsho. Cain chose 'Don't Let Me Down' by The Chainsmokers, this song choice was the main cause for the drop in her performance because it wasn't a good choice, especially for her voice. Funsho, on the other hand, performed  The Weeknd‘s 'Earned It' and he aced it. This made Shelton's decision even easier because he knew who had to choose if he wanted to stand a good chance of winning this year's trophy. And right enough he made his decision and chose Funsho as the winner. 



The first performance from Jennifer Hudson's team was from MaKenzie Thomas vs Mike Parker. Thoma chose 'How Deep is Your Love' by Calvin Harris, she rendered a slower version of it but did justice to the song, and left the judges spellbound. Parker chose Script's 'Breakeven' his performance was more like an R&B/Pop/Worship number which though Hudson thought would suit him ended up being a bad choice after all. Maybe if he had to hit the falsetto notes in the song it would have been almost leveling as Thomas's performance. But compared to the runs in her song he stood no chance.  Finally, when it came to the decision making, Hudson made a right move by choosing MaKenzie as the winner. Hudson sure knows how to pick her choices because she is currently the front-runner among all the other coaches to win this season's title.


The second performance was by Sandy Redd vs Patrique Fortson. Redd chose 'Dangerous Woman' by Ariana Grande, which curbed her performnace. Though she gave it her best it was not something that would stand out compared to her previous performances. She is someone who has a raspy gravel voice and the choice of Grande was a bad one. Fortson sang his rendition of Aerosmith's 'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing' and he gave it his all. This performance of his stood out because of his tone and pitch. 


Hudson had her choice cut out for her in this round, with Redd being the front-runner and now Fortson stealing the show. In the end, she chose Fortson as the winner. It was actually the correct choice, and it is high time that Redd steps up. Though Hudson saved Redd she still needs to step her game up as this is the second time she has lost a battle. This was by far the least favorite performance of Redd till date. And if she has her eye on the winning trophy she needs to make better song choices. 

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