Fans of 'The Voice' say season 16 might be the worst ever as series reveals its Top 8

Fans of 'The Voice' say season 16 might be the worst ever as series reveals its Top 8

'The Voice' season 16 is going downhill currently as it is receiving ample backlash from fans and viewers. 

'The Voice' that is known for its innovation, has had fans rooting for it ever since it premiered. And now in season 15, the series brought in a new round known as the 'Live Cross Battles' and ever since this episode aired, things have started to go bad with fans calling it the worst season ever.

The 'Live Cross Battles' replaced the 'Knockout Rounds'. Usually, during the 'Knockout Rounds', the judges would decide who wins which would mostly leave almost all teams with an equal number of contestants. But during the 'Live Cross Battles', the judges had no say and the decision was left to fans to vote the contestants through. 

THE VOICE 'Live Top 13 Results' with Kim Cherry, Mari, LB Crew (Photo by Trae Patton/NBC)

This ended up leaving team numbers majorly uneven with Blake Shelton having the most number of singers on his team. Even when it came to the other teams, most of the saved contestants were country singers. This left fans and viewers devastated to see their favorites go home. Some even blamed the sound engineers stating that the audio wasn't good and made even good singers sound bad.

Though the backlash settled down after a few episodes, it emerged once again after the Top 8 was revealed on Tuesday night. During Tuesday nights results, the series revealed their Top 8 which left fans even more shocked. Adam Levine's team was totally wiped out and the only two contestants he had remaining were also eliminated. On the other hand, Blake Shelton's team remained almost intact with just one contestant getting eliminated. This left Blake Shelton with five contestants from his team in the Top 8 and the remaining 3 were from John Legend and Kelly Clarkson's team. 


After seeing the Top 8, fans noticed that most of the contestants left were all country singers and lamented that this might be the worst season ever.

THE VOICE 'Live Top 13 Results' — Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts, Blake Shelton, Carter Lloyd Horne, Kim Cherry, Andrew Sevener (Photo by Trae Patton/NBC)

"If Kim can make it further in this show than LB and Mari, I am done with this show. It is a joke and should be canceled. I hope everyone feels the way I do and they stop watching," wrote a fan on Reddit. Another added, "I'm so glad I quit after the battle rounds lol. This show has become a shell of itself in less than two years. Season 13 was an absolute force with some of the best contestants to ever grace the stage. Then season 14 we had a few mediocre contestants make it farther than they should and a less than stellar winner. Then season 15 we got blindsided with the Adam scandal and then country voters taking up the top three after losing incredible talent in the semis. This season literally Maelyn has been one of the only contestants that has stayed consistent since their audition. The fact that America has voted through the only five country guys leading the votes from the cross battles to now, just shows that ONCE AGAIN their gimmicky twists backfired on them in spades."


Adding to that, another fan wrote, "I knew America was racist. But I didn't think it extended to music. Still, this is democracy. This is what you get when you let the people vote." Some fans revealed that this is not the judge's fault but America's fault for voting only for country artistes. 

'The Voice' airs every Monday and Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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