'Gina Miles shouldn't have won': 'The Voice' fans slam 'voting methods' as Blake Shelton's team falls short of victory

'Gina Miles shouldn't have won': 'The Voice' fans slam 'voting methods' as Blake Shelton's team falls short of victory
Blake Shelton and Gina Miles on 'The Voice' 2023 (NBC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: After an intense season filled with captivating performances, America has spoken, and the winner of Season 23 of 'The Voice' has been crowned! Meet Gina Miles, an incredibly talented 18-year-old hailing from Paxton, Illinois. The votes poured in, and Gina emerged as the frontrunner, capturing the hearts of viewers across the nation in a thrilling two-hour finale that aired live on NBC on May 23. Gina's remarkable journey led her to victory, triumphing over the runner-up, Grace West from Team Blake, as well as the other talented Top 5 contestants, including Team Blake's NOVIAS, Team Kelly Clarkson's D Smooth, and Chance the Rapper's sister trio, Sorelle.

The outcome of the finale left many fans feeling disappointed, particularly those rooting for Blake and his talented contestant, Grace. Despite their unwavering support and high hopes for Blake to secure his tenth win of the season, the cards didn't fall in their favor this time. The disappointment reverberated through the fan community online as they reflected on the close but ultimately unsuccessful journey of Team Blake's runner-up.


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Blake Shelton fails to secure tenth win with Grace West on 'The Voice' 2023

In a heartwarming farewell, Blake Shelton received a warm and enthusiastic welcome for his final show. As he made his way to the stage, a long line of foam fingers greeted him, a touching display of support from his devoted fans. To his delight, he was met by the familiar face of Cee-Lo, who serenaded him with a soulful rendition of 'Don't You Forget About Me,' a fitting tribute to Blake's last appearance on the show. Taking the stage alongside NOIVAS, Blake embarked on a memorable duet of his beloved hit, 'Home.' The stage was transformed with trucks and hay, evoking a rustic atmosphere that perfectly complemented the heartfelt performance. Accompanied by their guitars, they slowed down the tempo, delivering an acoustic version that resonated with the audience. The choice of the song held a special significance as NOIVAS selected it as a tribute to Blake's family, adding an extra layer of emotion to their final duet on 'The Voice.' Later, Blake joined forces with Grace, standing side by side to perform 'Lonely Tonight,' one of his own songs. While the moment was filled with nostalgia, it was bittersweet for Blake, as he had hoped to secure a win with Grace for his last season. Unfortunately, the victory eluded them, leaving many viewers with the feeling that Blake's departure from the show would have been perfectly capped off with a triumphant final win.



'Grace should have won'

Even though Gina from Team Niall won 'The Voice' in 2023, many fans did not agree with the outcome. One said, "Think this new voting methods helped non-Team Blake artists for getting more votes since only can vote for 1 artist, two of Blake teams splited their votes. Otherwise, Grace would've won", while another added, "If the voting system hasn't changed, Blake fans will definitely voted for both of them into top 2 and caused unfair result like last season." One even pointed out, "Noivas, Gina, and Grace deserve to be top three, imo. My personal pick is Grace. Gina’s Taylor swift performance was different, but felt off. Grace crushed her songs yesterday, and Noivas is sooo good I can see him winning as well. It’s gonna be close!!" Another fan said, "Don't bash me for it, but Gina really should not have won.", while another expressed, "Gina was OKAY and honestly i do not get the buzz around her and Niall. She comes off as a very generic pop singer."  One comment really stood out. The user said, "It's ok. Since this is a country of choices, Grace is my winner no matter what. I kinda figured Gina had a tremendous boost by going up last and being freshest in people's minds as the show closed. At that point, Grace hadn't performed in more than a half hour, giving people the opportunity to forget how wonderful she was. Oh well....you'll all know when she's topping the country chart." 


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 'The Voice' 2023 Finals: Fans blame 'voting methods' as Blake Shelton's team fails to win against Gina Miles