'The Village' premiere: Was NBC's new family show a hit or a miss?

Initially met with a cold shoulder, the premiere of the show made fans warm up to yet another family drama by NBC

                            'The Village' premiere: Was NBC's new family show a hit or a miss?

When the news of NBC's new family drama 'The Village,' was first announced, the reception from fans was not necessarily warm. Met with a rather cold shoulder, the drama was perpetually compared to 'This Is Us,' and dubbed a cheap copy of the show, thriving on emotions and trauma.

The first-look, as well as the trailers, had fans backing out, citing it as passable and nothing more. Critics too viewed the series as NBC playing it safe and implementing the same formula to make a quick hit. The only difference being the diverse set of characters, emotionally charged as they all reside in a Brooklyn building, as opposed to a particular family-centric drama as 'This Is Us.'

Following teasers and interviews, the show came across as preachy with notes on how to better a world with a crochet heart. Dialogues too, came across as cliches with forceful references to 9/11 and the tragic plot of disease affecting one of the prime characters. The mix of characters too, from a pregnant teenager, to a grandpa at a nursing house, looked as though the show was trying a bit too hard to reach the masses and string sentiments.

So, was it a hit or a miss when the show finally premiered March 19, immediately after 'This Is Us'? Social Media has it, that the new NBC drama managed to touch hearts and move viewers to tears. "Fantastic" to "excellent," the show won accolades for its pilot.





However, the show did not manage to impress a few. A Twitter user again compared it to 'This Is Us', 'Manifest' and 'The Good Doctor.' Critics have also called it "manipulative."



However, in this case, the majority wins.

Its premiere received a total viewership of 4.9 million. Even though that is not exponential, it is still massive, and boosted NBC to secure higher ratings over FOX and ABC, this week. The second episode of 'The Village,' is slated to premiere Tuesday, March 26, 10/9c.

The show revolves around residents of a Brooklyn apartment, called 'The Village.' The individuals have their family and own personal stories, but it becomes a bigger picture as they all are "in it" together. The young girl we meet in the show's opening is Katie (Grace Van Dien), a pregnant teenager, just like her mother Sarah (Michaela McManus) was when she delivered her. Sarah is a single mother, working as a nurse in a nursing home, where Enzo (Dominic Chianese), a senior citizen resides.

Enzo's grandson, Gabe (Daren Kagasoff), is a young aspiring lawyer, who happens to be Sarah's neighbor. Gabe isn't allowed to practice law, but he helps his other neighbor, Ava (Moran Atias), tackle the ICE threat of being deported to Iran. Ava is arrested for illegally staying in the country. But Ava is naive, she had no idea her abusive ex-husband had forged her papers, so her predicament is intense since her US-born son is left alone at home.

But there's less to fret, since police officer Ben (Jerod Haynes), also resides in the same building and takes on the responsibility of looking after the kid for the time she's in prison. Then there's the superintendent of the building, Ron (Frankie Faison) and his loving and adorable social-worker wife, Patricia (Lorraine Toussaint). They are so deeply in love that #CoupleGoals instantly pops into mind.

Then enters Nick Porter, (Warren Christie) a war veteran who is moving to 'The Village,' after serving in the military and trying to settle down as a normal family guy. He has lost his left leg while serving the country and finds it difficult to take a run around the locality. He is accompanied by his furry friend, a German Shepherd, who like him is an amputee. 

The MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) review stated; "You may be hesitant to watch 'The Village,' at first, for whatever reasons, but once you do, you will be glad you did."