'The Village' Season 1: Full trailer of NBC family drama lands and it's a heartfelt love letter to life

The upcoming NBC drama sets its premise as we see a girl weaving a crochet heart on a fence, as the trailer says 'love is a thread that connects us all'

                            'The Village' Season 1: Full trailer of NBC family drama lands and it's a heartfelt love letter to life

"May you find new purpose here," this is how the trailer for NBC's upcoming family drama 'The Village' concludes.

The essence of the upcoming series is already established in the 1-minute-44-seconds video as we see a young teenage girl escape her Brooklyn apartment, 'The Village,' in the middle of the night to cut a mesh divider and weave it with a crochet heart. Next day, the heart becomes a spectacle for the onlookers and they pause and take pictures. The girl is proud of her creation.

This girl we meet is Katie (Grace Van Dien), whose mother, Sarah (Michaela McManus), is a single mother and a nurse. In one of the previous interviews, it was revealed that Katie is pregnant, just like her mother was when she was her age. Their strong bonding was apparent from the released stills of the show. This trailer has established the bond even further as we hear Sarah tell Katie, "You, were my radical good thing," to the backdrop of the song "What Do You Love" by Seeb (featuring Jacob Banks).


"There's the family you're born into," the trailer reads, "and the family that finds you." It proceeds, as we are introduced to Nick (Warren Christie), a war veteran, who looks into the Brooklyn apartment just before meeting Ron (Frankie Faison) 'The Village,' superintendent.  Nick is seen entering the building, using a crutch, and Ron asking "how did it happen?" Then Nick narrates the story of his German Shepherd, and how the canine helped him with his PTSD and how it kept him safe.

As the music gains momentum, we meet all the core members of 'The Village' family, as they get together for a breezy evening on the terrace. "You're under this roof, you're family," Ron says.

"It takes courage," the trailer reads before directing us to Ava (Moran Atias), who faces the threat of deportation and is seen fighting for her freedom. Ben (Jerod Haynes), who resides in her building is seen helping her fight for her freedom, as we hear him tell the court: "You got more than her words, your honor. You got a cop in the building."

"It takes strength," reads another message in the trailer, as we see Nick in the loving embrace of a woman who tells him: "I am glad you are safe now, you're home," and they passionately kiss. The OG couple, however, happens to be Ron and Patricia (Lorraine Toussaint), "You're an organ in my body, woman. If you fail, I fail," Ron tells and we see glimpses of their loving relationship.  

Ron and Patricia in The Village (NBC)
Ron and Patricia in The Village (NBC)

We also spot Enzo (Dominic Chianese), a senior citizen who salutes Nick for his services to the country and we find him bonding with his young roommate Gabe (Daren Kasagoff). The trailer feels like a heartfelt love letter to life, as many characters, deliver many messages of love. The message continues "it takes courage," "it takes a Village," till it adds up to say that "love is a thread that connects us all."

The Village premieres at 10 pm ON March 19 and will air following 'This Is Us' for three weeks, then move to 9 pm starting April 9.