'The Village': Crochet heart central to NBC's upcoming drama is spreading love in New York City

'The Village': Crochet heart central to NBC's upcoming drama is spreading love in New York City

NBC's upcoming family drama 'The Village' features a crochet heart that signifies the central theme of the show and complements the show's tag line: "Love is a thread that connects us all".

While some were still wondering what that could mean, a newly-released trailer established the idea behind the crochet heart. A young girl sneaks out of the Brooklyn building called 'The Village' and heads to a fenced-site. She skilfully weaves a crochet heart on the fence. The next day, the art becomes a center of attraction in the neighborhood as passers-by halt to admire the work and take pictures.

However, the heart — which is actually on display somewhere in New York City — has now found its way on social media. New Yorkers have since been posing for photos in front of the heart and posting them on social media.

In fact, the posts started as early as Valentine's Day earlier this year when the life-size crochet heart was spotted in the city and families took it as a selfie spot for memorable and heartwarming pictures.



For an Instagram user di_antonius, the landmark served as a backdrop for his proposal. He and his wife shared a picture with the massive woven heart in the background.


Days after Valentine's Day, the heart continued to be an attraction for amourous couples.




In fact, the phenomenon was not just confined to couples, as friends, mothers, and families also thought it was a perfect backdrop for a photo to demonstrate a loving relationship.



And, of course, self-love was witnessed, too, as solo shots were as popular as the rest.





Looks like the upcoming family show is already making waves. 'The Village' stars Michaela McManus as Sarah, a nurse and a single mother to Katie (Grace Van Dien), a pregnant teenager. Warren Christie, plays Nick, a war veteran; Lorraine Toussaint plays the role of the matriarch of the building Patricia.

From what we know so far about 'The Village,' it appears to be a simple show with a revolutionary message. And going by how much love the crochet heart has spread even before it's hit our screens, we know the revolution has already begun.

'The Village' premieres on March 19 on NBC after 'This Is Us.'


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