'The Village' episode 4 reveals Katie's romance with an art thief, but will her heart be able to handle what's coming next?

Patricia and Sarah enjoy a ladies night out in episode 4 as Katie has a romantic encounter with an art thief.

                            'The Village' episode 4 reveals Katie's romance with an art thief, but will her heart be able to handle what's coming next?

Patricia's (Lorraine Toussaint) cancer gets worse, but that's a story for another day. Episode 4,  to begin with, was all about the calm before the storm and love before the heartache, which we know is coming. We see Patricia wearing her best red wrap dress and headed out for a ladies night out with Sarah (Michaela McManus) who equally stuns in a black bodycon dress. The two leading ladies are having a good time and when a man at the bar counter tries to hit on Sarah, she quips "I am about to be a grandmother," much to the man's surprise or rather, embarrassment. The ladies have fun, singing the karaoke and Sarah proves that she isn't really a great singer. Patricia, on the other hand, sways with the melody, until the weakness caused by her first chemo session kicks in on stage and she is brought home, only to be loved, caressed and cheered up by her loving husband, Ron.

As for Katie (Grace Van Dien), the beautiful pregnant teenager, things looked good this episode as she had a chance encounter with an art thief. Looking almost similar to how her mother Sarah was looking in the black bodycon dress, she says she's headed to an art gallery with her friends. Though she was not lying, the mission, however, was to set the record straight with an artist who had created his heart on top of hers. Remember the red crochet heart Katie made in the pilot episode? It was set on fire and photographed by the new artist who cashed out of it.

Turns out the new artist is no bad guy, in fact, he could very well be Katie's new love interest as they easily get along in the night and steal a kiss after the continuous argument of "you set my heart on fire," literally. The guy appreciates her heart, tells her to show him more and makes her $300 richer by sharing the royalty received from his heart, born out of hers. 

He even dismisses the idea that artists need to go to art school to learn because his strong beliefs are that artists need to struggle to create what they do. Looks like this will solve Katie's conflict of managing art school and being a young teenage mother. 

Sarah and Katie in episode 2 of 'The Village' (NBC)

But Katie isn't the only one who finds a love interest this episode; adorable Enzo (Dominic Chianese) bumps into a woman who hails from the same place as him and engages in a tete-a-tete until she boards a cab and leaves. He realizes he forgot to ask her, her name.

Even Gabe, the young lawyer, meets a fiery young lawyer who can possibly help him with Ava's case as he is fighting for her freedom in the midst of an ICE threat. Silver lining really governed this week's episode. But not for Nick, who is dealing with major PTSD and his relationship with his friend's widow just looks like a temporary distraction. Sarah and Nick need to get back together asap, just saying. 

A preview for the next episode prepares us for some shockers. Nick will be confronting Katie and telling her that he is her father. "It's time," Sarah tells Nick and he looks resolute as well. The only question is how will Katie take the news since her mother had, till date, told her that her father had abandoned them. The topic of forgiveness is dawning too in the next episode as we see Patricia trying to mend things with her estranged son. "You have to forgive your father," we hear Patricia say, and watch her later reveal to Ron that he is a grandfather to a teenage girl.

Going by the expression Katie gives at the end of the trailer, Nick or Sarah or both may need to ask forgiveness for keeping Katie in the dark.