'The Unicorn' actor Omar Miller teases 'best wingman' Ben will help Wade Felton get back into dating zone in new episode

The actor told MEAWW that 'the show deals with taking an honest look at ourselves and that's why people can identify with the characters'

                            'The Unicorn' actor Omar Miller teases 'best wingman' Ben will help Wade Felton get back into dating zone in new episode

Omar Benson Miller began his acting career with the comedy, 'Sorority Boys', and won hearts with roles in several high-profile films and TV series such as '8 Mile', 'Ballers', 'CSI: Miami' and also voiced Raphael on the Emmy-nominated animated series 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. The actor now stars as Ben on the CBS comedy-drama 'The Unicorn' headlined by Walton Goggins in the main lead. 

His character Ben's big breakout episode is titled 'Three Men Out' and its summary reads: "When Wade visits a local hot spot to meet people instead of using his dating app, Forrest and Ben decide to help." Dishing out snippets from the new episode, Omar spoke to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview and said, "On tomorrow night's episode, you're going to see him highlighted a bit more. The viewers will get to see the struggles of a middle-aged dad who is coming to grips with who he is now."

Shedding light on what really connects with the viewers, he said, "The show deals with taking an honest look at ourselves and that's why people can identify with the characters. My character is a guy who got married early and kept having children. Now he's got four children and he can't believe that the time has passed so quickly. So there will be a background about his life and his relationships."

Will Ben do something to help Wade get back in the dating zone? "He tries several antics but you will see the varying degrees of success. Let's just say he is the "best wingman" in the new episode.

A still from 'The Unicorn'. (CBS)

Sketching out the similarities of his character with his personal life, he added, "I think the one glaring similarity is the prioritization of family. Ben is a character who is around his family, friends and loved ones all the time. I come from a very big family so they're around all the time and I wouldn't have it any other way."

The actor has been seen portraying quite a few serious, action-packed and athletic roles. Talking about how different it is to star in a comedy-drama, he said, "'The Unicorn' is more about losses, rehab, comedy, and all the things that take place when we're actually going through an emotional phase. When I'm on 'CSI', there's a lot of technical information because the stage is already set. It's good guys versus bad guys. We're trying to track down the bad guys. And we use science to track them down."

He added, "On 'Ballers', there's a more of a sensational aspect as I need to have the human connection with my wife and kids. Right now, I'm really focused on 'The Unicorn'. And being a part of the show makes me realize how we go through loss at some point in our lives. Hopefully, the show can help people deal with that and learn to have fun."

Omar Miller has a major part in the latest episode of 'The Unicorn'. (CBS)

The cast of the show has worked with each before in different TV shows. Disclosing how their camaraderie is off-camera, Omar said, "It's a trip because we all have a very short degree of separation from one another. I worked with Walton on 'Miracle' and we had a blast. That was 12 years ago and the last five years I've worked with Rob Corddry on 'Ballers'. Rob has worked with Michaela Watkins several times. We have great chemistry because we already knew each other and that goes a long way. This is my first time working with my onscreen wife Maya Lynne Robinson and we're still building and getting to know each other."

Omar is all set to host a new audio and video podcast that will showcase celebrity opinions on sports controversies. Talking about his experience on the show, he said, "I primarily developed with my brother and a bunch of our friends. With a camera and microphone, we have created a platform for our friends to promote their projects and talk about how sports mirrors life."

'The Unicorn' follows a tight-knit group of friends and family who help Wade embrace his new normal after the death of his wife one year ago. It airs on CBS and CBS All Access every Thursday at 8.30/7.30c.

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