Arrow star Stephen Amell picks his favorite villain over six seasons, and it's totally unexpected

Arrow star Stephen Amell picks his favorite villain over six seasons, and it's totally unexpected
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Spanning over six seasons, the CW show, Arrow, has spun many a memorable storyline and quite a few noteworthy villains. And yet lead star Stephen Amell's choice when it comes to his favorite antagonist might come as a surprise to fans and followers of the show. 

Over the last weekend, the actor made an appearance at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, where he was quizzed on various topics including his favorite Oliver Queen nemesis. And without any hesitance, the Green Arrow actor shot back, revealing that it's none other than Josh Segarra's villainy, the Prometheus.

"I'm very partial to Josh's portrayal of Adrian Chase. I just think that that was a very personal thing and just, you know, Prometheus much like in the way that David Ramsey created Diggle, Josh created Prometheus," said Amell responding to the fan question during a panel, as per Comic Book.


He continues, "A lot of that stuff he had to arc out for himself. I thought that he brought the best out of me and hopefully I brought the best out of him. I just thought that the way that that storyline wrapped up I thought that that made it the best." 

Arrow, currently in its sixth season, has Ricardo Diaz antagonizing Oliver Queen and the city at present. It was, however, in season 5 that Prometheus played the big baddie to the vigilante, who had in the past - while he was known as just the Hood - killed his father. 

In his villainous avatar, Prometheus wrecked havoc, abducting everyone close to the Green Arrow and holding them as his prisoner on a remote island. Although Segarra's character hasn't made a return since then (barring one occasional appearance), the actor himself appeared to be all praises about his role.

In an old interview, in fact, he said: "I think what made Chase a fun character to play is he had one mission, it wasn't complicated, it didn't get muddled, and he has been plotting this for years. The dude went through law school just to kill someone. He's a fantastic lawyer! That's all secondary." 


The show is headed towards its season finale, with season 6 episode 23 titled "Life Sentence" airing this Thursday at 9 pm EST on CW.   

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