End of an Era: The Undertaker to fight Triple H for last time at WWE Super-Show Down in Australia

The WWE superstars will be facing each other at the Super-Show Down, the WWE Network PPV special in Australia on October 6

                            End of an Era: The Undertaker to fight Triple H for last time at WWE Super-Show Down in Australia

The WWE announced that wrestling superstars Undertaker and Triple H will be facing each other for the last time at the WWE Network PPV (pay per view) special in Australia in October.

Though the company had confirmed the wrestlers' participation at the event, which is set to take place on October 6 in Melbourne, it wasn't clear if they would be fighting each other until Sunday's announcement during the Summer Slam. 

The wrestler is also being advertised for the 1,000th episode of SmackDown, scheduled for October 16 at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether Undertaker will take part in a match, or will just be a part of the live segment.

The last time Undertaker appeared for the 900h episode of SmackDown in 2016, the show's viewership had skyrocketed to 800,000 viewers. Probably that explains why Undertaker is often utilized as a part-time draw, and maybe it would do the company some good to keep him on track for the company's requirement for strong ratings. 

Recently, the Undertaker is expected to participate in more than his usual routine, and he is already preparing himself for it.

In recent times, the Undertaker faced and defeated John Cena in a short match in WresteleMania 34 and then appeared at the Greatest Ever Royal Rumble Event in saudi Arabia where he defeated Rusev in a Casket Match.

His most recent appearance was at a WWE House Show in Madison Square Garden, where he teamed with Roman Reigns.

However, his appearance at the Greatest Royal Rumble and at Madison Square Garden only saw him for a one-off appearance without any distinctive storyline. Probably that similar one-off appearance will also be applied to his Super Show-Down match against Triple H, which is expected to be a one-time thing.

There have also been speculations about Undertaker's possible feud with Cena after the wrestler took to Instagram to tease about their potential rematch. 

The picture is a shot from WrestleMania 34 where Undertaker had defeated John Cena in a squash match. Cena too has expressed his interest in the rematch. However, in spite of the rumors regarding their re-match, SummerSlam or Super Show-Down has not yet confirmed about the wrestlers fighting each other in any of the events. Probably, Undertaker's presence will help the show overcome its increasingly falling viewership. 


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