Smash hit: The Undertaker chokeslammed Post Malone at his concert

You don't mess with the Undertaker! Post Malone learned that when the wrestling legend went onto perform a guitar smash on stage. However, it was all in fun.

                            Smash hit: The Undertaker chokeslammed Post Malone at his concert
Post Malone (Source : Getty Images)

Post Malone sure does know how to make an entrance! The rapper had a little surprise for his fans planned as he decided to involve none other than The Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway in his introduction video at an Austin, TX show. In the video that was obtained by TMZ, the Undertaker was introduced in the fashion just how he and his fans would have liked. The video showed Malone bumping into the Undertaker. 

However, it wasn't something he liked and he soon appears to chokeslam him. But it was all in good fun as the audience sure did like the performance the two had put in. The professional wrestler was even invited on stage later during the concert. He joined Malone along with 21 Savage, for a performance of their hit song “Rockstar.” The audience loved it so much that they all broke into an "encore". 

Undertaker came back on the stage on public demand. Malone, 21 Savage, and Undertaker had their own definition of fun as the three men started smashing the guitar on stage. This comes after it was reported that Undertaker was holding off having his hip operation done due to his WWE commitments. 

In April 2017 it was believed that he was retiring from his wrestling career. This was seen in the brutal match that took place between Roman Reigns and him. Even though he left the fans disappointed after losing the match, his fans were there to cheer him up. In a dramatic turn of events, he was seen removing his gloves and coat along with his hat and leaving the ring.  People were shocked to see him make the announcement but those who knew him were not so much. 

As reported by The Sun, the undertaker was holding off on having his hip surgery done because of his work commitments, retiring from WWE meant that he could focus on his health and family. In the weeks before he announced his retirement, several photos of the wrestler emerged in which he looked rather uncomfortable when he had to work out. He was even spotted limping in the ring which made fans speculate if his end of career was near. 

While many thought that he will not be making a return to the ring any time soon, people were shocked when the wrestlers decided to come back in a match against John Cena in April 2018. Some fans were disappointed that he made such a return after the dramatic exit in the previous match. However, without any doubt, there were many who were happy to see the wrestler in good health and coming back in the ring. Looking at the recent video of the Undertaker and Malone, it is sure he is ready to have some more fun and it is not the end for him.