'The Underclass': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about Netflix's Thai series

'The Underclass': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about Netflix's Thai series

'The Underclass' is an upcoming Thai show that is to air originally on the network GMM 25. The highschool drama contains 13 episodes and will air every Sunday. 


'The Underclass' is scheduled to air from July 5 on GMM 25 at 9.30 pm local time and can be streamed on Netflix. 


The official plot according to network GMM 25 reads, "When the children of Room A have to fall into Room F, a terrible room that no one wants to get close to. What will she do to come back to Room A again?" The show itself is about students of an elite program getting demoted and being forced to join a class that is considered substandard. While in this substandard class, the students of the elite program get tangled in a highschool gang and how they navigate this all-new life is what makes up the plot of the show. 



Not much about the characters in the show have been revealed by the network. However, the following actors play important roles in the show. 

Mond Tanutchai Vijitvongthong

'Mond' Tanutchai Vijitvongthong is well known for playing the role of Por in 'Fabulous 30: The Series' and Matt in 'Kiss Me Again'. He began his career in the entertainment industry when he debuted as an actor in the series 'Water Boyy'. 


Mewnich Nannaphas Loetnamchoetsakun

'Mewnich' Nannaphas Loetnamchoetsakun is a second-generation idol member fo the Thai band BNK48. She will be playing one of the lead roles in the show. 

Other cast members include Music Praewa Suthamphong, Faii Sumitra Duangkaew, Stang Tarisa Preechatangkit, Pakwan Noijaiboon, Fond Natticha Chantaravareelekham, Ohkubo Miori, Jaa Napaphat Worraphuttanon, Korn Vathusiri Phuwapunyasiri, Piam Rinrada Inthaisong, Jib Suchaya Saenkhot and Nink Mananya Kaoju.



'The Underclass' is directed by Pass Patthanakumjon, who has directed 'School Tales', a horror comedy, and 'Love, Not Yet', a romantic comedy.




The trailer of the show features how one of the girls of the elite program is demoted to a room full of girls who are rebellious, but thoughtful. Initially, she struggles to fit in, but as time passes, she befriends the girls of her new class and also learns of their group activities. A band of girls forms a vigilante gang together called the Dark Sheep, through which they take a stand against unfair practices followed by the school administration. 


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