'The Underclass' Episode 3: Paeng finds a way into Black Sheep, sets herself to betray them and Meen for Dtaem

'The Underclass' Episode 3: Paeng finds a way into Black Sheep, sets herself to betray them and Meen for Dtaem
Paeng (GMM25)

Paeng's aim from the beginning of the show has been to reenter Class A after she was caught cheating in 'The Underclass'. She hasn't deterred from this in episode 3, but she has come to understand a different world thanks to the students of Class F -- Meen, her friends and the assistant physical education teacher Tee who is also Meen's brother. This new world is very different from the world that she knows. Her days are filled with studying and more studying in an attempt to crack the top rank in the school and so she has never known anything other than academics.

Now, in this week's episode, we see how her world almost collapses because of all the new information that she processes after Meen decides to take her out during the weekend. After helping Foam out in the previous episode, Paeng had asked to be added to the Black Sheep group that Meen heads. However, Meen refused, but she did cool down on making Paeng feel like an outsider. She became a lot friendlier than before and invited Paeng to her home to work the group project with other friends. 

Kook, Meow and Meen in 'The Underclass'. (GMM25)

While Paeng believes that they will only be working on the project, Meen, Miishun, Kook and Meow convince her to go out with them to a place that they call Dreamland. It is named so because it is a place where other youngsters like them are allowed to pursue their dreams and passion, make mistakes and learn from it as they practice what they want to be in life. There are people dancing, training in martial arts, cooking, playing basketball, making short films -- all in different corners of a huge stadium that Meen and Tee had inherited from their parents who passed away. 

They are now using this space to let young people breathe, live and have fun and Paeng experiences all of this at once. She sees all of these kids with a bright smile on their faces as they are doing different things and all of it confuses her because she has no clue how something fleeting can make one so happy. When Meen asked Paeng to go with her, she had said that if Paeng ends up being unhappy with Dreamland, Meen would do anything that she asked of her. Paeng tells Meen that she understands the intention but cannot relate to them because she is different from them. So according to the deal when Meen asks Paeng what she wishes for, Paeng tells her that she wants to be a part of Black Sheep. 

To trust someone who comes from Class A and include them in Black Sheep is not easy to do, but after Meen saw Paeng help Foam; she does the unthinkable. However, she does it after setting Paeng up for a scary experience in what she introduces is an abandoned building. Everyone else, including Tee, is in on the plan so Paeng does fall for their prank but at the end of it, she is gifted with entry into Black Sheep. Just when you would think that Paeng might change her mind about betraying Class F, she gets a call from her former classmate Dtaem who checks up on her progress with Black Sheep. Paeng doesn't seem too worried, and she, in fact, tells Dtaem that she is now in on Black Sheep. Next week, we will see if Paeng can really go with Dtaem's plan of betraying Black Sheep. 

'The Underclass' Episode 4 will air on Sunday on GMM25 and can be streamed on Netflix after. 

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