'The Underclass' Episode 2: Meen appreciates Paeng's effort but won't let her join Black Sheep

'The Underclass' Episode 2: Meen appreciates Paeng's effort but won't let her join Black Sheep
Paeng (GMM25)

'The Underclass' Episode 2 begins with Paeng's (Mewnich Nannaphas Loetnamchoetsakun) school getting an all-new student council that will be headed by Tam of Class A and she will be assisted by others from Class A as well. The student council is made of the top one percent and the other students definitely find it unfair. To add to it, there is the matter of nepotism since Tam (Faii Sumitra Duangkaew) is the assistant director's niece. The first case that the student council tries at the student court becomes both an opportunity and a trap for Class F students as a student from Class B, Foam (Nine Phattharanarin Mueanarit), gets wrongfully accused of stealing a Math test paper.

It is an opportunity because Class F students will get to highlight more of the unjust ways that the school has been taking part in. As members of Black Sheep, their aim is to ensure that no student would feel wronged leading to decisions that might ruin their lives. This episode also hints at a back story between someone called Rain, Tee (Mond Tanutchai Vijitvongthong), and Meen (Music Praewa Suthamphong). The beginning of Black Sheep might as well be rooted in the story of these three. Otherwise, is there really a reason big enough for Meen's brother Tee to join his sister's school as an assistant physical education teacher?

At this time, Paeng is given an offer by the assistant director and Tam to reenter Class A. The only thing she will have to do is become a part of Black Sheep herself so that the two of them can use her to out the members of Black Sheep and punish them accordingly. Paeng initially asks what will become of the students if found guilty, and is told that they will not be dismissed, but the assistant director doesn't seem believable. 

Black Sheep attempts to prove that the student of Class B is not guilty by collecting evidence in the form of CCTV footage among other things. However, they fail because all they manage to do is open up more suspicions rather than prove Foam's innocence. It is Paeng's efforts that prove Foam's innocence and surprisingly, she doesn't use the evidence that Tam provides her and instead finds another way. 

Does this hint at the possibility of Paeng being able to change depending on the people involved? Foam is a friend of hers and she was motivated to help her in the right manner. However, the students of Class F have not accepted her wholly as of yet and that is why she doesn't feel guilty for accepting the terms that are set by Tam and the assistant director. However, the more she speaks to them and Tee, the more she realizes that there is more to Black Sheep than meets the eye and it is this that might change her. 

'The Underclass' new episode will drop on July 18 on GMM 25 and can be streamed on Netflix.

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