'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 8: Ha-na gets justice for her family, but will Yung allow more rules to be broken?

'The Uncanny Counter' in Episode 4 managed to reveal the complete story of Ha-na who also managed to get justice for her family's unfair death. But Yung is unhappy will all the rule-breaking

                            'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 8: Ha-na gets justice for her family, but will Yung allow more rules to be broken?
Kim Se-jeong as Ha-na in 'The Uncanny Counter'(OCN)

When So-mun, the highschool student in 'The Uncanny Counter' had been told that he could become a powerful counter, the only rule that his counterpart from Yung -- Wi-gen had told him was that he couldn't use his powers to get revenge or take part in changing outcomes for humans. This would mean that the counters wouldn't be able to help any human escape their set path and all they can do is hunt evil spirits and clean up the mess that these spirits had created. 

However, in the recent episodes, So-mun, Ha-na, Mo-tak and Ms. Chu as well have been breaking the rules to find out who really killed So-mun's father So-gwon, and his mother. In the process, we also saw Ha-na's past revealed. Turns out her uncle had manipulated her father which had resulted in a major loss for the company and so her father had decided to kill himself and his entire family. The only one who survived this incident was Ha-na and now, this uncle gets possessed by an evil spirit and he also ends up killing a human. It is while he is about to kill a second person that Ha-na sees him and tells her team about stepping on an evil spirit's aura. 

She takes the lead on this one and also manages to dispel all the anger that she had held in since her family's death. However, when it is time to expel the evil spirit, she is unable to do it objectively and that is why we see So-mun take over. In the meantime, Ha-na takes the lead in finding evidence against her uncle for the murder that he had committed. Once she does, she manages to hand the evidence over to the authorities and even get him arrested. While the counters can breathe a sigh of relief over one less evil spirit, no one in Yung is happy about the recent rule-breaking that the counters have been doing. Using their powers on humans, which is a big no has been practiced by all of them and Wi-gen had of course turned a blind eye to it. However, things like traveling into the past through memories to find out the truth about So-mun's parents' death or the way Mo-tak treats the thugs is not acceptable. 

While we understand that the counters are fair in treating the trash human beings the way they do, this is not something that they should be allowed to do as counters and that is something that the people in the Afterlife may not be happy with. One person is definitely not okay and that is Mo-tak's conduit to the Afterlife Kim Gi-ran. She is worried that these counters will hurt the chances of her reincarnation and she wants Wi-gen and the others to take strict action against the counters before things go out of hand. From the looks of it, things may very well go out of hand because So-mun is a smart child and he figures out the clues that his father had left behind to understand why his father and Mo-tak were both targeted and killed. 

Turns out the reservoir was not really a reservoir, but a space that was used by Taesin Corporation to dump industrial waste. This industrial waste then connected with the city's water system and ended up polluting the waters that people in Jungjin are using. If this were to get out, not only the corporation but the mayor who dreams of running for the presidency will also be brought down. Of course, to bring him down, both So-mun and Mo-tak may have to use their powers and this might get them ousted from being a counter. While this might not affect So-mun, Mo-tak will definitely go back to being in a coma. That would of course help no one. So what will the team do to bring the truth to light? We are not sure. However, what we are sure about is that So-mun may be in danger. He faces the Grade 3 evil spirit that killed his parents on his own, this might put him in a dangerous position. This could even kill Wi-gen in the process. 

'The Uncanny Counter' based on webcomic 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon' aka 'The Amazing Rumor' airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 pm KST on OCN and can be streamed on Netflix.

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