'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 7: As Su-man, Mo-tak, Ha-na and Ms Chu face Grade 3 monster, will they win?

Episode 7 sees Su-man face the man who had his father killed and gravely injured Mo-tak in the process as well

                            'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 7: As Su-man, Mo-tak, Ha-na and Ms Chu face Grade 3 monster, will they win?
Jo Byeong-gyu as Su-man (OCN)

'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 7 begins with the evil spirit of grade three killing its human accomplice and hiding any evidence of the same. It is at this exact same time that this evil spirit sees itself in the past meeting Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong) and Su-man (Jo Byung-gyu) who have traveled back through Su-man's memories to figure out who was the second man who killed his father. Of course, by attacking this grade 3 evil spirit within his memories, Su-man has made a mistake and ends up flitting away from the past and into the present. How the monster is able to flit between the memory of Su-man and into the present also becomes clear.

Just as Su-man uses his drawing to enter his memory, the killer uses the old phone that he had held while he had committed the crime to flit back to the same moment. He is able to do so because the spirit and its human host have become one. That is how Su-man and Ha-na are able to find missing pieces of the puzzle. They get answers to questions such as the connection between Mo-tak and Su-man's father, the one between their investigation and Mayor Shin, the reason that they were attacked, and even where Su-man's parents' spirits are.

It is also this fight that clues Su-man into the evil spirit's hiding spot. The junkyard where he had been working all this while. So the counters group up and gather at the junkyard to face the monster that had once killed one of their teammates. Of course, Su-man is the replacement for this teammate and we still wonder if him ending up as a counter where Mo-tak is also present is a coincidence. But that is a question for another episode. For now, it is all about if the four counters will have a face-off with the evil spirit.

On the day the episode aired, the official OCN Instagram page had shared a panel from the comic that hinted at this face off. However, at the junkyard, the counters and Detective Jeong-yeong end up finding the body of the man the evil spirit and its host body Ji Cheong-shin had killed. So instead of the fight we expected to see, we see how the cops end up taking over the investigation as it involves a murder scene, and try to collaborate. Will this work out the way Mo-tak, Su-man, Ha-na and Ms Chu hope it would? We'll have to wait and see.

'The Uncanny Counter' based on webcomic 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon' aka 'The Amazing Rumor' airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 pm KST on OCN and can be streamed on Netflix.

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