'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 5, 6: Will Su-man return as a grim reaper after Ha-na, Mo-tak and Ms Chu's lies?

'The Uncanny Counter' in its third week saw how Su-man learns the truth about his parents' death being a murder and not an accident. He is not happy with his fellow Counters

                            'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 5, 6: Will Su-man return as a grim reaper after Ha-na, Mo-tak and Ms Chu's lies?

'The Uncanny Counter' in its third week introduces us to another level three evil spirit possessed human in the show and the plotline is beginning to come together. Despite the seriousness of what it means to be a grim reaper, this week's episode also includes some warm moments between Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong) and Su-man (Bo Jeong-gyu). This comes after Su-man overhears the truth about how Ha-na's family had died. However, the main theme of the episodes is Su-man learning the truth about his parents' death and if he can really summon Yung's territory at will.

Initially, Su-man doesn't know why Mo-tak (Yu Jun-sung) is looking into an old case except that it connects to the men who had stabbed Mo-tak in the past before he had fallen into a coma. It is only much later that he figures out the truth and wants to identify the man who had tried to kill his parents. Before this, he treats the investigation lightly and even voluntarily assists Mo-tak as well. With this, the connection between Mo-tak and Su-man has become a lot stronger.

However, what begs an answer is Taesin Construction's connection to Mo-tak and Su-man's father and why did the two of them belonging to the homicide division investigate a missing person case off-the-record? It is clear that the connection lies between the mayor and the missing woman now assumed dead. Did the missing woman stand in the way of the mayor's ambitions? For now, it definitely seems possible. While we see this Mo-tak's past being discussed among the counters, one among the cops investigating the death of the chairman ends up being Jeong-yeong, who happens to be someone that Mo-tak dated in the past. It is when the two of them meet at the scene of the crime that Mo-tak realizes that there is an evil spirit that is lurking around and has committed murder as well. Su-man who happens to be with Mo-tak at that time ends up recognizing the cop from when she had interrogated him regarding his father's death.

Initially, Su-man is not suspicious but when he sees a piece of evidence in Mo-tak's hand later that is the same as something that he had found among his father's possessions, things change. He puts all the things that he had heard together and comes to the realization that his parents' death was not an accident. When Mo-tak confirms that it was murder and Ha-na tells him that he has blocked the memory of the murderer that he had seen as a child, Su-man attempts to recall this memory by trying to relive the accident and yet, he fails. It is his friends Ung-min and Ju-yeon that help him avoid another tragic accident.

When Su-man seems lost, Ha-na is the one who reaches out and returns the favor by talking some sense into him. She also tells him that she can help him with his memory but the two get interrupted by Su-man's grandfather who despite her saying that she doesn't want to fake being his girlfriend that is exactly what he does. He is mad at the counters for lying to him. However, he isn't ready to give up. Ms Chu, however, ends up getting another idea and that is to request Yung members, their counterparts on the other side of life to find his parents and allow him to meet them. She believes that this will serve as a form of closure for him.

At the same time, Ha-na takes Su-man back into his memories to help him recover the traumatic memories that he had blocked and Su-man ends up reliving the entire ordeal. That's when Su-man and Ha-na realize that his parents were killed by a man possessed by an evil spirit. This is the same man who the Counters had lost to in the first episode, the level three spirit who had killed one of the companions. At this point, Wi-gen also confirms that Su-man's parents did not make it to the afterlife. The evil spirit has absorbed them and both Ha-na and Su-man see this as well. So, if he wants to meet his parents he must first capture the man who killed them. However, the shocking twist in the end, is when the man possessed by the evil spirit ends up looking at Ha-na instead of through her. Technically,  he is not supposed to be able to see her or Su-man, but the fact that he does and recognizes who Su-man is spells trouble for the two young counters. In a moment of rage. Su-man may also end up changing the flow of memories. What will become of this grim reaper?

'The Uncanny Counter' based on webcomic 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon' aka 'The Amazing Rumor' airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm KST on OCN and can be streamed on Netflix as episodes drop weekly. 

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