'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 9 Spoilers: Did Soo-man kill a human, causing Wi-gen's death for real this time?

Once before, because of So-moon's carelessness Wi-gen had almost died and that had resulted in a disciplinary hearing

                            'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 9 Spoilers: Did Soo-man kill a human, causing Wi-gen's death for real this time?
Jo Byung-gyu as So-moon (OCN)

'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 9 will see the conflict between So-moon and the killer Jeong-sin who was the one who murdered So-moon's parents as well. Did he hurt Jeong-sin fatally enough to hurt Wi-gen? We know by now that if any Counter killed a human, that would hurt their counterparts in the Afterlife, and Soo-man's counterpart is Wi-gen, the eldest of the counterparts. The other possibility for Wi-gen to have passed out is if So-moon himself was in grave danger. Could the killer have really hurt Soo-man? After all, at the end of Episode 8, we saw how Soo-man and Jeong-sin had faced each other in So-moon's neighborhood.

So that is what has us wondering if So-moon could have underestimated his opponent. After all, Jeong-sin is a level three evil spirit and to really win against him is something even the most experienced Counter was unable to do. If So-moon is really hurt, how would he really work against Mayor Shin? After four weeks, 'The Uncanny Counter' has managed to help Ha-na get justice for her family. We are not aware of Ms Chu's story as of now. All that we know is that her son happens to be her counterpart in Afterlife. Ha-na, Mo-tak, and So-moon — all of them had some connection to Mayor Shin and it doesn't seem to be a coincidence. Can Ms Chu also be connected to Mayor Shin in some form? We also want to know her son's story as we have seen him reminisce about his human life as he looked at his wedding picture. 

Then there is Mo-tak and Detective Jeong-yeong's story arc as well. Jeong-yeong happened to be Mo-tak's girlfriend before he fell into a coma and now that they have reconnected, the two of them have begun to work on the case that Mo-tak had been working in secret before he was in a coma. This case is the one that had sicced the Mayor's hunting dogs on him and So-moon's father leading to the latter's death and the former's coma. Now that Mo-tak is aware of the scam that the Mayor and his rich cronies are running, can Mo-tak and So-moon really manage to bring Mayor Shin down? After all, we also learned that Mayor Shin has dreams of announcing his candidacy for the presidency.

If Mayor Shin did become the president, there was no hope for them nor their country and so, it becomes the Counters' responsibility to bring all of Mayor Shin's scams to light. Will Wi-gen and the Counterparts who are the Counters' conduit to the Afterlife agree to let them use their powers for the same? After all, the main rule to being a Counter is to not interfere in human affairs. 

'The Uncanny Counter' based on webcomic 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon' aka 'The Amazing Rumor' airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 pm KST on OCN and can be streamed on Netflix.

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