'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 13 Spoilers: Su-moon, Mo-tak may just succeed in taking Cheong-shin to the Yung

'The Uncanny Counter' episode 13 will see if Su-moon and Mo-tak's plan to bring the Mayor of the Jungjin city and the evil spirit he joined hands with works

                            'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 13 Spoilers: Su-moon, Mo-tak may just succeed in taking Cheong-shin to the Yung
Ha-na, Su-moon, Mo-takand Ms Chu (OCN)

Spoilers ahead for 'The Uncanny Counter episode 13 ahead

At the end of 'The Uncanny Counter' episode 12, we saw the mayor of Jungjin City, Shin Myeong-hwi, getting placed under arrest for playing a part in the murder of a young woman many years ago. It was while investigating this case that Mo-tak met So-moon's father and both of them were killed by Mayor Shin and his men. Even now, he attempted to kill Su-moon but thankfully, with the return of his powers from Wi-gen, he managed to successfully thwart the mayor's and Cheong-sin's attempts. 

Now in episode 13, we will see Su-moon, Ha-na, Mo-tak and Ms Chu find out that Cheong-sin has become one with the evil spirit that had possessed him. While he could converse with the evil spirit as if it was a separate being, with all the spirits that he has been eating including that of  Su-moon's parents, he has become more powerful. So now, if the Counters plan on taking the evil spirit to the Yung and punishing it, they would have to come up with a different plan and that plan will be explained to them by none other than Wi-gen herself. 

When she had returned the powers to Su-moon, she along with the others on the Afterlife had realized that only if he is with the other Counters can they hunt down all the evil spirits that have been left free on Earth. What is worse is that Cheong-sin has been working together with other evil spirits to do jobs that assigned by the mayor. So the only way to bring this evil spirit down, now that the Counters have managed to get two of the biggest villains in the city down, is to bring both Cheong-sin and the evil spirit to the Yung where they will be banished. 

Su-moon will definitely try his best, and now that he has realized that not only his desire to kill but his desire to service and keep someone safe will help him manifest the special territory of Yung, which they need to bring Cheong-sin down. Within that territory, the only one who will be able to bring Cheong-sin and the evil spirit back to Yung is Su-moon and that is exactly what we will see happen in the episode as well. The question is if Su-moon can really succeed in doing so. 

'The Uncanny Counter' based on webcomic 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon' aka 'The Amazing Rumor' airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 pm KST on OCN and can be streamed on Netflix

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